Tips to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone

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The world has gone mobile with the invention of Smartphones. The world is at your hands if you have a smartphone with you. These days smartphones can almost do all the tasks that a PC can do. But battery life of smartphone is very less.

How to be Safe Online?

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Websites and browsers store your information like browsing history, credit card details etc. So do you think you are really safe online?

Get US Phone Number for Free

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If you have a US phone number then it’s easy for your relatives or friends in US to call you. They will be charged at local rates. You can receive free incoming calls and with minimum charges you can also make calls to US.

Get Google Voice Number Outside US

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Google voice is a service provided by google which gives you a single number for all your phones. All calls will be forwarded to google voice number. User can also record voice mail if phone is unavailable.