Difference Between Monitoring and Spying on your Kid -Best phone monitoring software for parents

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WHAT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MONITORING AND SPYING ON YOUR KID Most of the parents usually misunderstand that the concept of monitoring and spying on kids are two different notions. It is a fact that there is no much difference between the definitions of both monitoring and spying, but still I would say they are completely different activities. There is a minute … Read More

Find What is your IP Address, Location, Browser and Operating System

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Your IP Address is: ISP: compute-1.amazonaws.com You are using: Other Browser Your Operating System: What is IP Address? An Internet Protocol Address best known as IP Address is an unique number assigned to every electronic device that has the capability to connect to Internet and form a network. There are two types of ip addresses public ip address and … Read More

Nokia 6 Smartphone Price and Specifications Reviews you need to know

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Nokia’s first ever Android Smartphone to Releasing in February 2017. Find here Nokia 6 new Smartphone Price and Specifications you need to know. and the reasons why you need to replace now your Android smart phone with upcoming Nokia’s mobile phone and What experts are saying about Nokia 6 Android Phone. Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates … Read More

Get Google+ YouTube Custom Url Instantly

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YouTube custom url

Hello Everyone, from past few years the way we claim custom url on Google+ and YouTube has changed many times. Now unless until you have certain number of followers on Google+ and 100 subscribers for your YouTube channel you won’t get a custom url. So now I will share you a quick hack to get Google+ and YouTube channel custom … Read More