The 2019 Brand Manager’s Guide to Buying Real Instagram Likes for Creating a Buzz around Posts

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Hire Instagram Marketing company services for your brand and followers

The 2019 Brand Manager’s Guide to Buying Real Instagram Likes for Creating a Buzz around Posts

Instagram is fast becoming a battlefield of sorts with 25 million-plus businesses profiles vying for the attention of one billion-plus monthly active users. To take advantage of the highest rate of engagement among all social media platforms, most brand managers have set up Instagram business profiles.

According to reports by, 90 out of the world’s top 100 brands are already present on Instagram posting photos, videos, and Stories to engage the attention of their followers.

instagram marketing services

Build A Brand with Instagram Marketing

The number of likes that an Instagram post receives is an indication of the extent that the content resonates with the target audience; therefore, it is a metric that is closely followed by every social media marketer.

While the best way of increasing the number of likes is by making the content more compelling, optimizing hashtags, and posting consistently, among others, sometimes brands resort to buying Instagram likes to get more exposure in the least possible time and create a buzz around them.

The Way the Instagram Algorithm Works

Instagram does not care about the demographics of the users or the nature of the business profiles. All it is concerned about is pushing across the content to users based on what it thinks to be most relevant and interesting to followers based on many factors, including past interaction and engagement using machine learning techniques to create a personalized feed for every user.

The most important factors that are considered by the algorithm are interest, timeliness, and interaction. The algorithm tries to predict what type of content will be more interesting to a user and tries to push them higher on your feed. The most recent posts are also promoted and displayed before others.

The algorithm also checks your past interaction with users posting content and ranks those posts higher that have been posted by users with whom there is a history of liking posts, commenting and sharing posts.

Other factors that have an impact on the ranking of the content include frequency of use, the accounts that you follow the most, and the duration of your usage of the platform.

Getting Instagram Likes

The best way of getting your followers to like your posts is to post content that they find interesting and relevant to their needs. Using Instagram analytics is a very good way of finding out which posts have generated the most engagement or you can even ask for user feedback. The frequency and time of posting content play a crucial role in user engagement and interaction.

If you post too less, it can be difficult to sustain interest among your followers while posting too frequently may turn them off. Also, if you post during the times your followers are most active, the visibility of your posts is far more and it increases the chance of boosting the interaction and building brand awareness.

Tagging followers in your posts or including compelling CTAs can encourage likes, comments, and shares. Using the right hashtags is another way of boosting the visibility and exposure of your posts, thus creating an opportunity for better engagement.

The Reason Why Instagram Likes Are Vital

Likes are just a simple way for users to tell the world that they have enjoyed the post. It also signals to the Instagram algorithm the type of content that they like and their desire to see more of a similar kind. According to the last available figures, Instagram sees 95 million posts per day and attracts 4.2 billion likes on a daily basis.

Hire Instagram Marketing company services for your brand and followers

Hire Instagram Marketing services for your brand and followers

The higher the number of likes on a post, the better is its visibility as it is bumped up in the feed of users by the algorithm. The more the number of people who see your posts, the better are the chance of them visiting your website and engaging in a conversion.

Likes are a very important component of social proof that confirms that your audience finds your content interesting and your marketing strategy is working. Users also automatically assume that brands with posts with a large number of likes are more credible. The higher the number of likes on posts, the better an influencer is for becoming a brand ambassador.

Getting a large number of likes on your posts consistently does require you to not only post really engaging and original content but also spend time and effort in promoting them.

Expert content marketers will vouch for the huge time it takes to create content that followers will like and engage with by themselves. Brands who are in a rush to elevate their visibility can find a great solution in buying Instagram likes.

Buying Instagram likes from a reputed agency like be a very practical method as well as an affordable method of raising the exposure of your posts.

Buying likes also help in reaching out to more people and increases the chances of them visiting your website for conversions and creating excitement around your brand that transforms your account into a credible source of entertainment and information.

Buying Instagram Likes – Is It for Real?

It is perfectly possible to buy Instagram likes and it is legal too unlike the common perception. However, you may end up violating Instagram’s terms of service if you are buying likes from a service provider that used bots to generate likes using computer codes. While these likes are pretty cheap to buy, since there are no real people behind them, their use is quite limited.

Instagram is continually developing the technology to detect these machine-generated bots and are blocking them. Instead of abusing the TOS of Instagram, you can engage agencies that sell organic likes that have real people engaging with your content.

These likes, even if they are bought, are actual likes given by real Instagram users and unlike bot services; they will never ask you for your Instagram login credentials ensuring that your privacy and data are never compromised.


At the end of the day, your Instagram marketing campaign’s success is measured by the rate of engagement your posts generate in terms of likes, comments, and shares. While creating good content and maintaining a consistent posting schedule are still vital, brands that are in a hurry to increase their exposure and boost conversions can consider buying organic likes from reputed agencies.

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