3 SEO Ideas for Small Businesses

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SEO for Small Business sites

Top 3 SEO Ideas for Small Businesses

Today, all businesses – big or small survive due to brand visibility online. With more than four billion people around the world using the internet, a considerable portion of it is on the web, on digital publications, social networking sites, and people’s inboxes.

SEO for Small Business sites

SEO for Small Business Websites

According to a report published on https://www.entrepreneur.com, natural search is the greatest driver of web traffic with 35 percent of the visits originating from the leading search engines including Google. In such a scenario, your small business website should include the right SEO strategies to stand out in the competition.

Even if you own any startup business, there is nothing to feel disappointed. You can optimize your site and business blog to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You might be wondering how. Here are three SEO tips for your small business:

1. Ensure website security

The security of your startup website is essential, and the search engine giant Google has declared that it will boost sites that would include an SSL certificate. If your site is already secure, there is nothing like it. Else, make the required amends. That is because Google’s browser Chrome notes all the sites that did not embrace SSL.

These websites are marked as not secure. When your site has an SSL certificate, it not only improves the ranking in the SERPs but also enhances your brand’s credibility. A website has SSL if the URL starts with https instead of http and you notice a padlock close to the URL, just before https. Most of the sites today including Tayloright.com have SSL. You can check for yourself.

2. Focus on website speed

If you have a slow loading website, your business is doomed. That is because Google, like all other businesses, loves to keep its users happy. The search engine company knows that visitors like fast loading websites. You can check your site’s speed with Google’s tool PageSpeed Insights. You will also find other applications such as Pingdom and WebPage Test. Using these tools you can check the speed.

If the page load time is four seconds, your site has good speed. Besides, you will also get tips to improve your site speed if it is more than four seconds. If you have web pages with overly sized photos, you should use smaller images for fast loading. Ensure your website has static caching and update your site plugins.

3. Look for broken links

If your site has a 404 error message, it means that it has a broken link. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. Say, for instance, your business no longer sells soft toys. When this product is unavailable, the page is removed. Then, in one of your blog posts, a reference to that soft toy had been made and a link to that page still exists.

However, the page does not exist, and therefore a user clicking on the URL will see the 404 error message. You can update the page or eliminate the broken link. Else, Google may penalize your site.


Try these top 3 SEO ideas to boost your small business website. Make sure you use the right SEO techniques.


Article: 3 SEO Ideas for Small Businesses


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