3 Ways Instagram Boosts Your Web Design

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Instagram Boosts Your Web Design: Believe it or not!

Instagram is that glittering star for brands, which helps in their marketing efforts. The platform had helped companies like Urban Outfitters, Taco Bell, and Chobani to tap into the market by making the Instagram content stand out on their websites. Experts say that the best way to use the image-sharing platform in a website is by integrating user-created content that comes from a company’s loyal followers.

online web design services - freelance web designer projects

According to an article published on https://www.business2community.com, leveraging more content is the best way to reach out to customers and create impressions. Instagram Stories is that feature that is fueling big businesses and brands. Therefore, if you have a web design business that you want to promote, here are three tips to fuel your business:

1. Tell stories in visual form

Today customers engage with images and videos more than walls of text. What better way to do it than using Instagram content? People trust a design liked by loyal fans of any brand more than the recommendations of advertisers.

Use Instagram to display more of your web design and share how you work as a designer and finally deliver a project to your clients. Use all the steps right from brainstorming, creating a rough design to the implementation of your creative ideas.

You can also impress potential clients by showing your lifestyle as a designer. Use the Instagram Stories feature to show the reaction of a happy client after you designed an appealing website for his business. It is the best way to get real Instagram followers and grow your audience to reach worldwide.

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2. Prove through examples

As a web designer, you should focus on user behavior on your Instagram business profile. Make sure that you use the photo-sharing site as a natural platform to connect to your existing and potential clients. From here on, you can cash in on the emotions and visual content that your customers are sharing and integrate those into the website. Make sure that you reach out to your targeted audience by leveraging the social and mobile platforms.

Instagram has the potential to trigger user engagement. You should be smart enough to blend user-generated content into your website. This way, your clients will feel important and relate to your web design business. You need to use Instagram wisely to blend into your design. Overselling your designs will not help you.

3. Combine social and mobile for best results

Instagram and mobile platforms complement each other. Therefore, you should combine both to take your web design to the next level. Merge the two into your website to boost your reach and grow your business. When all businesses are doing it successfully, you can too.

You can popularize your web design by leveraging Twitter and Instagram together to inspire customers to share what they like about your design. You can integrate a call-to-action on your website to show the user-generated content shared on Instagram and Twitter.


Now that you have learned about these tips use them to boost your web design by leveraging Instagram. You will be surprised by the results.

Article: 3 Ways Instagram Boosts Your Web Design

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