5 Things You Need to Know to Become an Android Developer

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5 Things You Need to Know to Become an Android Developer

With a bigger slice of the mobile market and plethora of benefits, Android platform is taking the world by storm. It is magnetizing the business owners to invest in Android app development, and so to the candidates who are planning to enter the world of app development.

The platform is luring these college graduates for becoming Android app developers by showcasing ample benefits including ease of customization, support from Google, simple development, and so on.

Considering this, if you are someone eagerly hoping to enter the Android world, but confused what it takes to become an Android developer – this article will be a good read for you. Here, we will dig into the basic requirements that you need to look into to embrace Android technology.

android developer training

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So, shall we begin?

Here comes the first requirement.

#1 Expertise in Java and Kotlin

No wonder, it is possible to develop Android applications using various programming languages and tech stack such as C, C++, Python, HTML, C#, Lua, React Native, and Flutter. But, the two official Android mobile application programming languages in which all the Android development software and tools are designed are Java and Kotlin.

These languages are chosen by Google for creating Android applications and are highly updated as per the Android designing and development guidelines and related technologies. So, it is necessary to know these languages, their characteristics, and situations under which they should be considered.

When it comes to learning Android application development, knowing what is the best book to learn Android development and programming as well as the technologies to try your hands on, the advice from the top Android experts, and the best applications to practice upon is the best way to become a popular Android application developer.

#2 Knowledge of Android APIs

APIs are the secret ingredient of successful app development. They are small chunk of codes that enables you to embed any functionality into your application without writing the code from scratch, and this way, ensure higher outcomes at faster pace.

Having a sound knowledge of what are the best APIs to use and the way to integrate them into your mobility solution is another must-have thing to become a popular Android application developer.

#3 Working Experience with Android Studio

When it comes to Android app development, the most essential thing to consider is Android Studio. It is the official integrated development environment of Android and is must to be known by every candidate looking forward to becoming an Android mobile application developer.

In other words, every Android app developer (or someone who wish to) must have an experience of working with Android Studio and knowledge of its elements.

#4 Familiarity with Material Design, ASO Marketing, and Other Areas

Coding is not the only trait of mobile app development. For someone looking forward to ruling the mobile market, it is necessary to be familiar with tactics to design an engaging application, publish it in the right way, promote it to a wider audience, analyze the outcome, and much more.

When talking specifically about Android, it is essential to look ahead to what is Material Design and its impact on your app design, and the elements to consider while optimizing your app page for Play Store, etc.

#5 Ease of Understanding Business Needs

Another thing that Android developers should consider is that their apps should not be just a piece of code. It should cater to the needs of the business world and empower them to deliver some value.

In simpler terms, the Android app development process should be business-centric. Otherwise, it would be tough to gain huge momentum in the mobile market and drive higher ROI.

Bonus: Introduction to Cross-Platform Technology

Though Android mobile app development is still one of the trending technologies in the world, people are slowing turning towards Cross-platform app development technology. They are getting mesmerized with its benefits including making presence on multiple platforms in lesser time and cost.

In a scenario like this, it is not enough to remain confined to Android environment. An Android app developer must be familiar with Cross-platform technologies like React Native, Flutter, etc. and have understanding of when to choose native Android technologies and when to select Cross-platform development frameworks so as to leverage better outcomes.

So, here were some of the things that one should consider to establish their name in the Android application development world. Besides these, zeal to learn more, attitude of experimenting with cutting edge technologies, focus on learning from different resources, keeping yourself updated with the latest Android mobile app development trends, investing time in practising development using open-source Android apps, and improving your skills at every instance is also vital to gain higher opportunities in the Android market and build a prosperous future.

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