7 Excellent Local SEO Hacks to Dominate Google Maps

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It’s a dream for every local business to be listed on Google’s local 3-pack but getting there isn’t as easy as you’d expect. There is extreme competition among local businesses to be ranked in the 3-pack listing and without a robust SEO strategy in place, getting it is impossible. Some recent stats have found that more than 70% of users who perform a local search are likely to visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

Also, more than 85% of users look up for local business locations on Google Maps. These stats prove that users who perform local searches have a high intent to purchase. Therefore, businesses need to work on improving their local SEO techniques in order to boost their visibility and increase sales.

Here are 7 amazing local SEO hacks to get started:

1. Complete your Google My Business Profile

Creating a complete GMB (Google My Business) Profile is an important part of off-page SEO. The GMB profile will appear on the right-hand side of the search result and provides information for Google’s 3-pack.

Your Google GMB profile will provide quick information about your business at a glance like the address, operating hours, phone number, etc. It will also include a link to your website, pictures, and reviews which help people to make decisions regarding local purchases.

2. Use the right local keywords

Local searches are very area specific, for people who live in Portsmouth may not want to drive to Bristol to have a cup of joe, which is why area specific keywords like “coffee shop in Portsmouth” or “best coffee shop in Portsmouth” may help locals find your business easily.

Local SEO tricks like adding keywords and the location to your website title and content can be very helpful. Along with these local tricks, you can also add a blog section to your website and generate useful content. The use of high-quality images and videos will definitely enrich the experience by many folds.

3. Focus on structured data

This is another important aspect that must be included in your local SEO checklist; you need to use a structured data markup in order to get your business listed on the knowledge graph panel that appears at the right side of web pages.

This will also show users your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) and reviews. The structured data markup is different for different platforms, and a local SEO specialist can help you with all that.

4. Ensure that your NAP is consistent

Your NAP needs to be correct and consistent for all local citations like blogs, forums, social media profiles, and pages. If your NAP is consistent, Google will most likely show your website in the local searches.

5. Make your website mobile-friendly

Unless your website is mobile-friendly, no SEO company can help your local business grow. Since most users carry out their online searches on mobile devices, your business website should be compatible with mobile users.

Remember that even if your business ranks in Google’s 3-pack listing, you can lose your potential customers due to a poor website.

6. Strive for link-building opportunities

Local businesses must strive to incorporate link building opportunities because it’s an important ranking factor. Although organic link building is a long process and requires time, businesses should focus on creating valuable content that people would want to indulge in.

Nowadays, businesses are also collaborating with influencers from similar niches to promote their business and create a brand reputation online. To start with link building, a business can approach local listing sites, online directories, and the local press.

7. Track video and image ranking

Most people tend to overlook this part from their local SEO checklist, but tracking videos and images are equally important as tracking CTR. Businesses must use high-quality images for their business and focus on video content for more traffic.

Getting someone on board to create good videos on a regular basis and publish them across social media channels using proper thumbnails and tags can significantly help increase your local visibility.

So, for starters, try out these 7 local SEO hacks, and you’ll start seeing desirable results. There are more things that can be done in terms of SEO techniques, but unless you focus on the initial steps that are mentioned above, your hard work will not bear results. Get smarter, hire an affordable local SEO service, and transform your business today.

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