Adsense for Search

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With google custom search it is easier for visitor to search your website content or entire web right from your website or blog. In addition to search publisher can also earn through adsense for search. To know how to add custom search box to your site click here.

Steps for enabling adsense for search:

adsense for search

1. Go to google custom search and login with your google account.
2. Click on my search engines and click on control panel.
3. Under control panel and click on make money.
4. If you don’t have adsense account create new account and if you already have an adsense account connect that account.
5. Now login to your adsense account and create custom channel for your ads.
6. Provide that channel name in make money tab under custom search control panel.
7. Ads will be relevant to the search query.
8. Publisher will only get paid whenever visitor clicks on ad in search results.

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