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Search engines look for different criteria for ranking any webpage, of which backlinks are very important. Most of the bloggers and web-masters are capable of doing On-Page SEO effectively. But many of us are facing difficulties in link building. There are many SEO companies providing link building services. But everyone can’t afford to hire an expert for link building. In this advanced link building guide we will share the best  practices for link building.

Link Building Key Points

1. Always get links from high quality websites.
2. Don’t get all your backlinks from one domain. Target multiple domains.
3. Get links from different websites like .edu and .gov websites as they are highly trusted.
4. Build links for different keywords

Advanced Link Building Using ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox is a tool used for link harvesting, mass auto blog commenting and bulk page rank checker. Mass blog commenting is treated as spam that’s why we don’t recommend that feature. Now let me explain you how we can use ScrapeBox as link harvester. ScrapeBox tool has mainly 4 blocks namely Harvester, Select Engines & Proxies, URL’s Harvested and Comment Poster as shown in below pic.
ScrapeBox Tool
First we will start from “Harvester” area. It has two sections.
Footprint area where you can add your search operator or select from the drop down list.

ScrapeBox Harvester Footprint

“Keywords” area where you enter keywords for which you want to harvest the links.

ScrapeBox Harvester Keywords

For example if I want to search for edu websites for marketing keyword you have to fill ScrapeBox “Harvester” as in below pic.

ScrapeBox Harvester

Next we have to go for “Select Engines and Proxies” area. First you have to select your search engines, set results count typically 500 – 1000 results, Opt “Use Proxies” and then you have to “Manage” your proxies. Proxies you can leave it as blank but if you are using ScrapeBox multiple times search engines will block your IP for doing bulk search multiple times. So we have to set proxies. Click on “Manage”.

ScrapeBox Proxies

In next window select all the supported sources and click “Start”.

ScrapeBox Supported Proxies

Click “Apply”.


Click “Test All Proxies”.

ScrapeBox Test Proxies

Now ScrapeBox will test your all proxies and a window will display.

Proxies Test Result

Hit Filter and click “Keep Google Proxies”.

Keep using google proxies

Click Save button and hit “Save Proxies to ScrapeBox”.

save proxies

Finally we have some public proxies.

Saved Proxies

Now hit “Start Harvesting” in “URL’s Harvested” box.

Start harvesting

Now you can see URLs in “URL’s Harvested area”.

urls harvested

Next we have to remove duplicate urls. Under “Manage Lists” hit “Remove/Filter” and click on “Remove Duplicate URL’s”.

ScrapeBox Remove Duplicate urls

Similarly “Remove Duplicate Domains”.

ScrapeBox Remove Duplicate Domains.gif

Now hit “Check Pagerank” and click on “Get URL Pagerank” or “Get Domain Pagerank”.

Get domain pagerank

Then “Sort” by pagerank.

sort by pagerank

Scroll down select low page rank results, right click on it Click on “Remove Selected URL from list”

Remove selecte urls

Finally Import harvested urls to any file format.

import harvested urls

After downloading the urls list visit all the posts and manually comment on those posts or contact the site owners and beg for a link.

Advanced Link Building Using Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the best way to get quality backlinks. These days bloggers are finding guest blogging opportunities trough facebook groups. Find a blog of your niche and approach them through their contact form or through Guest Blogging page available on their blog. But be-careful when choosing a blog to publish your guest post. Analyse that particular blog with any Website Analysis tool. You have to look for following criteria:

1. Google Rank.
2. Domain Authority above 30.
3. How good that particular blog is performing on social sites facebook, twitter and google+

You can also find guest blogging opportunities using ScrapeBox. Just enter “guest blogging” in “Harvester” footprint area and enter your keywords in “Keywords” area.

ScrapeBox Find Guest Post Opportunities

Start Harvesting urls. Check page rank. Sort urls by page rank -> Remove Duplicate Domains -> Select and Remove low page rank results -> Export the results. Finally approach the admins of that particular webpages for a guest post.

Advanced Link Building through Email Requests

Sometimes I used to receive mails for link sharing requests something like below.

Date: Thursday, November 9, 20xx
Subject: Link Request

Dear Admin,

I was going through your web site and think we should link to each other. If you are interested, please add the following code to your HTML:

[Insert HTML gibberish here.]


But this is not a proper way to approach for link requesting. On the first sight of “Link Request” many webmasters will trash your mail. There are many things to keep in mind when composing a link request mail.

1. Visit – Before sending email you need to actually visit that particular website. Identify the area where you can request a link for and where you can link their site. Identify the person who runs the site.
2. Subject – Don’t use “Link Request” in the subject. Instead use something like “Request for Review”.
3. Know the Person – Don’t just address “Dear Admin/Webmaster”. Address the person with the name.
4. Your Details – Mention your name and your site details in the mail.
5. Explain the Reasons – Explain the person what you observed on their webpage and why should they link to your site.
6. Link Location – Give them a location on their site where you think your url is fit to link. Similarly confirm them the location where you gave a link to their site. Below is the sample mail.

Subject: Request for Review 


My name is Anil Anvesh, and I am contacting you regarding your awesome site at

I’m working with to announce and link a new section on their site called

As per the link request instructions on your site, I would like to request a link to our homepage in your Links to awesome Web Sites section located at (url of webpage).

Please feel free to let me know if the above provides you with the information you need to review and consider our site for linking. I can be reached via email at, or if you’d like to talk about this by phone, my direct number is (+91) 9866120117

Best wishes,
Anil Anvesh

Advanced Link Building Through Profiles

This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. There are many ways to get these backlinks.

Social Profiles – Whenever you create a profile on social sites you will get a chance to enter your blog url in the description or in the Website field. Whenever you upload a new video to YouTube you can leave link to your blog post in the video description which is also a quality backlink.

facebook profile description

Blog Directories – You can join blog directories like indiblogger, technorati, blogovin where you can submit your blog. As these directories update using your feed, each time you publish a new post you will get a free backlink from those directories.

Business Listings – You can list your blog in business listing directories like crunchbase, bizsugar, startupnation. Thus you will get free link for your company or personal profile.

Forums – Forums are the place where you meet niche bloggers and discuss on different topics. You can create your own signature in the forum with your blog url and when you feel your blog post answers particular user’s query you can leave your post url there. But to control spam some forum owners set all links to nofollow links.

forum signature

Internal Linking as Link Building Tactic

Internal linking is nothing but linking to your own posts. If you observe Wikipedia or they do lot of internal linking that’s how they rank well in search engines. Internal links are as much important as Backlinks. Don’t just link from a single keyword, link for long tail keywords. If you are an WordPress blogger you can use SEO Smart Links plugin for internal linking. It links to your posts based on the keywords you entered and the url assigned to that particular keyword. Avoid linking to pages when using this plugin. You might also like reading our internal linking seo best practices guide.

Advanced Link Building Using Outdated or Shut Down Sites

I bet most of you are not aware of this link building tactic. This is pretty simple and gets high authority backlinks to your site. Follow below 3 steps

1. Find out sites that have changed names, shut down or moved.
2. Find sites linking to those outdated pages.
3. Inform them that they are linked to outdated page.

Finding Outdated Sites – Use different strings in google search to find sites changed names or outdated ones. Use following search queries.

  • “rebrands as”
  • “service not available”
  • “page no longer exists”
  • “this website is no longer updated”
  • “this page is no longer updated”
  • “no longer available”
  • “website closed”
  • “service no longer available”

Finding Sites Linked to Outdated Sites – Once you get outdated sites put that url in any backlink checking tool to get the urls where the outdated site is linked in.

Backlink Checker


Contact Site owners through email and inform them they are linked to old/outdated content. Suggest your link nicely. Below is the Sample email.

To: (Address withheld as a courtesy)
Subject: Site submission 


My name is Anil Anvesh. I was searching for advanced seo tips and came across your awesome post (link to post).

I have seen a link to as you might have heard is no longer exists. You might want to remove the link.

Also I published a guide to Advanced link building (link to post) which could add a great value to your content.

Keep the good work 🙂

Best wishes,
Anil Anvesh

This approach is similar to broken link building approach. Through this approach chances of getting positive response is very high.

Advanced Link Building Through Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is always a good approach. Visit blogs of your niche and leave a comment appreciating their work. It leaves a good impression with the author of the site. Through regular comments you can build strong relations in your niche. Blog commenting not only gets backlinks but also regular commenting improves your alexa rank. Typical blog comment form looks like below with a field to website.

Blog Commenting

Don’t forget to visit .edu and .gov sites as they are old in age and thus highly trusted by search engines. First install seo quake tool bar which checks google rank, alexa rank, site age etc.

seo quake tool bar

Now using site operator search for .edu and .gov sites for your keyword.

site search operator

Now you will get results with seo quake analysis of it’s google rank, alexa rank, age etc.

search results

Finally visit sites with good page rank, alexa rank and look whether they have any comment system available. If yes leave a comment.  You can also beg for a link if you think any of your posts fit for their content.


Link building is the most crucial part of seo. Post quality content and promote your content in the right way. Thus in the long run you will get great link juice. That’s it from my end, hope you enjoyed this guide. You would be doing me a great favour by sharing this guide on Facebook, twitter and leaving a comment to let me know what you think.

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  1. Hello,

    Wonderful article, i haven’t tried scrapebox yet as it seems costly and lengthy process to build backlinks. However after reading your post i’ll surely look forward to purchase one start building backlinks.

    But we must not build lot of backlinks which may leads to google penalty.


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  3. Well documented link building tactic, but I think you should tell people about DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority). I like to comment on blogs where the DA is usually over 14, to make sure it has a good reputation.
    And another thing related to .gov and .edu, always make sure that the blogs aren’t spammed, because it could do more harm than good for your website.

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  5. Great article on link building. Solid tips, techniques and information. You’re absolutely right. Link building has always been important, probably none more then now. A quality and diverse link profile is a must. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Thanks for the great guide. I just wander about the use of scrapbox but after this post I use to get many points clear about scrapbox.

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