Android 8.0 Version is Oreo : Everything you should Know

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Android 8.0 - Andoid Oreo

Top 5 Android 8.0 Oreo Features Making Android an Even Better OS

After releasing four developer-preview versions, Google has finally brought in Android 8.0 and officially named it as Oreo only. So speculations suggesting that Google will name Android O as Android Oreo have turned true now.

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Android 8.0 - Andoid Oreo

Andoid Oreo – latest android version nameThe features set up by Android Oreo are pretty interesting, giving glimpses of how Android devices will look like in the current year and beyond.  These Android devices range from smartphones to tablets, to Chromebooks, to Google Home to smart speakers; however, in spite of being based on the same OS, they still struggle for a perfect synchronization with each other. But thanks to Google which is now bringing new features, several serious improvements, tweaks and a lot more in its new version of Android – 8.0 Oreo.


It has always been problematic to connect an Android device with printer to get printouts. You need to download printer-specific plug-ins from Play Store but this will not happen with Android Oreo powered devices. Google has now partnered with Morpia which simply means that now the latest version of Android will provide support to majority of printers over the world. 97% of printers sold over the world are Morpia certified printers.


The new OS is coming with the Project Treble. By Project Treble Google has separated the device manufacturers’ customizations from the core operating systems. This will help vendors to push updates faster and easier as they can make updates to their own proprietary apps later if they cannot do it rapidly a d because of which, they keep delaying updates to the OS. Every phone to come now with Android Oreo will be supported by this feature.


Smartphones are still not the best devices when you have to use multiple apps together in them. But now Google has provided the picture-in-picture mode which enables multitasking by allowing users to use two apps at one. Users, for example, would be able to watch a video while doing some other things in their devices


Play Store already has a number of password apps but unfortunately they do not always work accurately and users have to simply copy and pest their password in the required fields. But the new Android 8.0 Oreo has a dedicated autofill feature. Once you set your phone to support this feature, every app requiring login will automatically be able to retrieve its password from the database.


Google has brought in big changes in the display quality of smartphones and tablets by adding a wide range of colors for apps. Several third-party apps will get benefits with this enhanced support.

Let’s see what Android app developers cook with these ingredients provided by Google in its new Android 8.0 Oreo OS.

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