Android Smartphone USB Tethering

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You can use your android smartphone’s or Tablet’s  internet on your PC/Notebook. We can do this in 3 ways. They are USB Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering , Wi-Fi Tethering.

Steps for Android Smartphone USB Tethering

android smartphone usb tethering

1. Make sure that data connection is on in your smartphone.
2. Connect your android smartphone to PC/Notebook.
3. On choose connection type screen select usb tethering.
4. Go to home screen and click settings.
5. Under Wireless and Networks click on more.
6. Tap Tethering and Portable hotspot.
7. There check USB Tethering box.
8. You may be asked to confirm for tethering.

For Android USB Tethering Apps Click here

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