Android Smartphone WiFi Tethering

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If you own an android smartphone (starting from version2.2 Froyo) you can turn your android smartphone as a wireless router. For this your smartphone must have wifi capability. This process is called WiFi Tethering.

Steps for Android Smartphone WiFi Tethering:

android smartphone wifi tethering

1. Make sure that your device has data connection(internet).
1. Go to home screen and click settings.
2. Under Wireless and Networks click on more.
3. Tap Tethering and Portable hotspot.
4. Tap Portable wi-fi hotspot settings.
5. Enter a router name.
6. Choose the type of security and set the password. If you select None no need to enter any password.
7. Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and check the box to activate the wireless router.
8. Now you can access your mobile internet on your PC or Notebook via WiFi.

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