Anonymous Browsing or Secure Browsing with Hotspot Shield

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anonymous browing or secure browsing

These days internet security has become major issue.  Often we are seeing news on website hacks. Earlier Google used to store data of the users. Later it changed privacy policy for increased security. Now users can control which data can be saved. Thus secure browsing is on top priority. Now a days web browsers are coming with Do Not Track and Secure browsing options which lets you do anonymous browsing.

When you are shopping online you will provide your information like credit card details. Hackers track your IP address and get your details. Then they will misuse your details. So our primary goal is anonymous secure browsing by hiding our IP address.

Secure Browsing or Anonymous Browsing

We can achieve secure or anonymous browsing using a VPN. Virtual private network short for VPN is a network connection that creates a secure network connection over a public network. Through VPN all your network data goes through a virtual tunnel between the host (device) and VPN servers. The network traffic gets encrypted to secure your identity.

There are many software available on the web for secure browsing. Hotspot shield VPN provides secure browsing, anonymous browsing, access to blocked sites etc. Hotspot shield is the best VPN software available till date. It generates dynamic ip. Thus allows anonymous browsing. Following is the full list of benefits of Hotspot shield.

1. Anonymous Browsing – Hotspot shield VPN protects your IP address thus you can surf web anonymously by hiding your IP address.

2. Bypass Internet Censorship – Due to censorship you may be blocked to see some content on the web. But Hotspot shield VPN unblocks such content and makes it available to you.

3. Secure WiFi – When you are using public WiFi in shopping Malls or restaurants anyone using the same network may spy on your web activity. Hotspot shield VPN can secure your web session so that no one can spy on your web activity.

4. Malware Protection – Hotspot shield VPN protects you by alerting when you visit a phishing and malicious site.

5. Data Compression – Using Hotspot shield VPN data compression technology now you can enjoy more browsing for the same bandwidth on your iPhone and Android devices.


It is always recommended to share your confidential information like banking and online account details via secured connection. But you many not get secured connection everywhere, that’s why we recommend you to use a VPN software to secure your identity.

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