Avoid Any Confusion When You Integrate Email And Instagram

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Avoid Any Confusion When You Integrate Email And Instagram

Both these channels are very useful for marketers though email marketing is considered to be an old school approach and Instagram is not even a decade old. Both these channels can help you a great deal in making your subscribers your best social fans and vice versa.

The ultimate goal is to make them join your email list or to follow you on your social networks provided that they have not done either of these two yet.

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In most of the cases, it is the fund that marketers offer discounts that are specific to each of these channels only if the users perform the desired task. In most of the times, such tasks involve taking on the requested subscription or following them on the social network.

If you can integrate the two properly you can encourage your email subscribers to become your social fans no matter wherever they are.

The best way to do this as well as avoid any confusion is to use different social ads that will specifically target your email subscribers. It will also direct them to the specific product pages so that they can make the desired buying decision.

The rules to follow

When you look at your Instagram feed you will see that this linking is a common thing. However, to ensure that the Instagram and email marketing strategy is free from any errors and confusions, you will have to follow the specific rules in marketing.

• First, you will need to set up your ultimate goal which is to make sure that both email and social media are at least two of the significant contacts before your customer purchases from you.

• Next up, you must focus on building your email list by using your community like a Facebook group or followers for Instagram. There are many different ways in which you can do this and one most significant way is to ask those users who want to join your group to provide their email address. You can either ask this directly or through group onboarding questions.

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• Another useful and effective way is by using your lead magnet as your cover image. This you can do by incorporating a link to that specific lead magnet in the image description.

• You must also make sure that you share your contents across all social media channels and not only Instagram as that will raise your options and opportunities manifold.

• If you are looking for a larger marketing campaign then must also focus on your content within the context of your marketing strategy. The best way to go about it is to use the same content that you may have adapted for each medium across all the distribution channels that you use.

• You must also make sure that your messages are consistent as well as recognizable. Also, make sure that take this course of action with a focus on your content making it sure that it is used wisely across email as well as all social media channels.

• If you think of using a video that will help your marketing campaign, grab the attention of the users in a better way and help the audiences to make a faster and better buying decision, use it in both social media as well as your email marketing campaign.

• You will need to create useful teasers from the long form contents as well as the pictures and videos from your Instagram account to drive more fans and subscribers to the destination or the designated lead page.

Driving more traffic to your site or wherever you think is perhaps the most important as well as the most difficult goal to achieve.

It is for this reason that experts suggest that you use more than one channel. This is because you will never know when a follower will see your post in your Instagram account and the same goes for all social media. It depends on the specific social media algorithms. A post can be seen on more than one social network or none.

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Both are necessary

In today’s world of business, both email marketing and social media are necessary since one is not better than the other. This will ensure that you have a more holistic approach for your marketing and get the desired results because this will provide an all-round digital marketing strategy.

Each of these channels has its own characteristic strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, each of these channels has its own designated positions in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Therefore, you must know how to do it and go about integrating the two channels. For this, you will first need to ask a few questions such as:

• Have you ever tried integrating both social media and email marketing in your business?
• If so, how successful you were or whether the effort was a total disaster?
• What worked best for you then and what did not?
• What makes you think that the same effort will be successful now?
• How knowledgeable are you about the market and your audience in terms of their needs?

To get the answers to all these questions that will build the perfect foundation for your marketing campaign, you will first need to analyze the results of your contents.

Track its performance with respect to the growth in the number of followers. This will allow you to adapt your Instagram marketing strategy in a better way over time.

Apart from that this knowledge will also allow you to deliver better and more relevant content to your audience which will, in turn, result in a better response from them and help you optimize it for your future campaigns.

When you analyze the results, make sure that you develop the Instagram marketing strategy of your brand as well with respect to different aspects such as:

• Finding what types of contents is liked by the audience
• The workflow and
• The engagement practices that work best for you.

Since strategies vary from one type of business to another and from one marketer to another marketer, you will need to follow this guide to make a significant difference in your email marketing campaigns.

Article: Avoid any confusion when you integrate email and Instagram
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