Badoo Dating App Surpasses Tinder App with Singles

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Badoo is one of the famous dating app. Help to find your dating partner.

At some point in our lives, we want that one companion who can make us feel special. Love is something which cannot be found, it just happens within a fraction of a second and that it is something which happens in everyone’s life. The moment one reaches their right age to have a partner in their lives; it is an obvious factor that they would start to search for that right person. Time has changed a lot of things around and it has indeed changed the ways in which people date.

Badoo Best Dating App - mobile app reviews

Find your partner with Badoo, Dating App

With the changing trends, we can see that there are people who take the help of the technology to find their partner. There are millions of dating websites and applications that it becomes hard to find out as well. With many options to choose from, we get stuck with the fact of to starting the search. So, which app would be the right app or site for one to choose from and make the right choice as well?

There is no need to worry, as we have selected the right apps for you to try out. So ahead and read on to know which app would be the perfect choice for you to find your Mr. Right or Ms. Right.

Happy Dating!!!


Badoo is one of the famous dating apps and it also got a good fame that it is one of the social discovery apps. One can access it from the iOS devices, Android devices including the desktop browsers. The count has increased up to three hundred and forty-five million people globally. This app lets you find the folks nearly one hundred and ninety countries and in forty-seven languages. According to a recent report, there are many folks using this app in every country and an average person has forty friends on it.

The real fact is that Badoo, which is a London, based company that launched its services initially in the year 2006. It was actually it is a website and had a near identical app which is available for the Smartphones. The glad news is that the app ahead in terms of popularity on the large macro scale. A survey was taken in which out of fifty sampled countries, bamboo dating app was the most popular one in which the count was about twenty-one, while Tinder flows closely with eighteen.

Once a person downloads this dating app, he/she will be asked to sign create an account or with the aid of Facebook account also one can sign in. The main attractive thing of this app is the user interface and the standout features. Whenever a person logins into this app, it has a navigation bar with four buttons that provide access to the core features such as Discover who’s nearby, play to Match, Message center, and Profile. This app is free to download and it does not cost any subscription fees. Nut one needs to pay to unlock the premium functions.

Core Features of Badoo Dating App

Discover dating partner who’s nearby

This core feature shows the folks who are nearby Badoo, the dating app users. If you wish to view a person, just tap on the image and all the details including the user’s location, the verification details, and the pictures also will be displayed if it is available. If the pictures are not available it cannot be displayed. One can always tap the filter button which is located at the extreme corner of this core feature in order to adjust the preferences for the location, the type gender, and the age range.

Play to Match

This core feature is just same that of Tinder, dating mobile application. It is a place where one can see the full-screen photos of people one may have more curiosity in it. It is a simple just swipe to the right on their photo. One can also swipe left to the left in order tom show the disinterest. If a person wishes to view more photos of a person, just swipe from the bottom of the screen. In order to view the profile in full, it is a simple just tap on any of their pictures.

Message Center

This is the core feature where a person can see all the connections. One can message with the matches or the friends on the Badoo app from this core feature. Most of the connections are displayed on this screen and thus allowing a person to simply scroll from the bottom side in order to view everyone. A list of sub-menus including chats, visits, likes, and favorites can also be seen.


This is the main core feature where one can adjust the Badoo settings and the account information, which will be verified by linking to another social profile such as Facebook or Instagram so that they can acquire more credits. If you wish to add more photos from Facebook, Instagram or the camera roll just tap on the edit button in the top position of this feature and the basic details can also be added.

Badoo App is not only about swiping. It gives many choices so that a person can find a good match and also discover the folks who are nearby and also in any location, it is simple just select the city and say the particular point of location. The users can also verify the Badoo profiles through social media accounts like Facebook, a phone call or photo verification. The app has about five thousand moderators globally to verify the background verification of the people.

How to unlock the Dating app premium functions?

Super Powers

In order to unlock the premium functions, like the facility of seeing who is interested in you, a three-month subscription is needed which costs about twenty-five dollars. An option of Lifetime Super Power Pass is also available which are about sixty dollars rather than a subscription plan.  Many other options are also available such as subscription by six months, one month and one week. One can pay by the credit card, Google Play specifically for the Android mobiles or PayPal.

Seven-day Trial

There is a seven-day trial that gives a person free Super Powers. So he/she can see people who have given interest.  And the chatting can also be done with the popular users, unlock the favorite folders, be the first to chat with the new people who enters the app.


One can also pay to rise up and increase the popularity but it costs some amount. The credit cost about two dollars for hundred and go up to twenty dollars for about two thousand seven hundred and fifty credits. One can also buy with the credits which include extra shows when the folks are swiping, a number of visits, when they are in online, including offline etc.

In the end, what matters the most is that finding the right person, when that one person comes around it is for sure that there that spark and gut in you which says this is it. There is no need to wait for the right time to the right person, just keep searching and you will realize the right time as it comes by. So folks go ahead grab on your Smartphones and start using these wonderful apps.

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