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Advertising with Google – Benefits of advertising to Businesses and Companies

Google advertising means signing up to their affiliate network. The part that advertisers should be concerned with is called Google AdWords. You may sign up for a free account and you do not need to qualify in any way. You may also start using the platform immediately; you may post an advert within ten minutes and start seeing traffic within twenty.

Advantages Google Advertising Online

Advertising with Google – Find the Advantages Google Advertising

You are visible on the biggest and most popular search engine on earth

Google is currently the biggest and most popular search engine that has ever existed. Google gets more traffic than any other website on the planet, including Facebook. Your adverts may potentially be visible to thousands of Google users every day, and there is a Google website in almost every country on the planet, so you can spread your reach very far. Read more about Google SEO articles now!

Your adverts appear on a number of affiliated websites

The other side to the Google affiliate network is called AdWords. This is a platform that allows ordinary website owners to run Google affiliate adverts on their website. There are thousands of people who have joined that internet advertising network, which mean that your adverts may seen on a large number of websites, and a large variety of websites. Google is not very selective when it comes to allowing people to run adverts. They only tend to stay away from the more adult themed sites or sites where people may break the law (such as sharing sites).

You may appear on blogs and on social media sites

Google AdWords is not limited to search engines and websites. It also has sections that run adverts on blogs and on social media networks. Do not forget that Google already owns a few social media networks, and you may specify if you would like the chance to appear on them.

They have a host of free webmaster and affiliate advertiser tools

Their webmaster tools are all free and are all very good and sophisticated without being too difficult to use or understand. They have a similar set of affiliate advertising tools that you can use in conjunction with the webmaster tools. They are all free, which is their biggest selling point.

You get a rundown of your affiliate advertising metrics

They have a very good analytic system that allows you to see how many clicks you are getting, when you are getting them and where they are coming from. You may see which keywords are getting you the most clicks and you may see historic data on your campaign. You may also see detailed information about specific keywords such as how popular they are and how much the other affiliate advertisers are paying for them on their adverts. A good metric is called “impressions,” where you are able to see how many people have seen your adverts and compare them with how many people clicked on the advert.

There is no minimum spend involved

This is partially true, as you do have to upload a minimum of $10 in some cases. But, they do not force you to spend it, nor do they limit how little you need to spend on keywords. You may place bid prices of just one cent if you like. The only trouble is that with so many other affiliate advertisers paying more, there is little chance of your advert being seen very often.

You only pay for clicks or conversions

You do not need to pay every time your advert is viewed, although there is a section that allows you to pay for that. But, the most common plans involve PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPA/CPA (Pay Per Action). PPC means that you pay a bid price every time your advert is clicked, and PPA means you pay a bid price every time a certain action is undertaken.  The action is usually a customer signing up for a subscription or making a purchase. Obviously, we would all like the PPA version, but Google make you earn it by proving yourself with your PPC campaigns first.

Google has affiliates all over the web and world

You may spread your message across a massive range of people and places. They have affiliate websites all over the world, so you are not just limited to your own website. Plus, they have thousands of members in each country, so you will not be forced to advertise on a minority of foreign sites (as is the case with other affiliate programs).

It is easy to create affiliate-advertising campaigns

The tools on the AdWords platform are all easy to use because they make each point self explanatory, and they give you lots of written support on how to use the tools. Even a beginner who has never used a network before may create a text based advert in minutes.

You can stop or pause your adverts at any time

You may have a budget crisis or discover that your website has a bug. Whatever your reasons are, you may stop your adverts from running by simply pausing them. Or, you can stop the campaign completely very easily. This will mean that you will never have to risk spending money on the network when it is not in your best interest.

You may set your own budget for your daily spend

This is probably one of the best things about affiliate networking with companies such as Google. They allow you to set a daily spend limit. It is entirely possible that your adverts may attract a large number of people. This is okay if they convert into customers, but that is going to take quite a bit of luck. If you do have a sudden spike in your web traffic, then you will not have to suffer financially because your daily budget limit will exceed and your adverts will stop running.

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