Best PC Cleaner : Know How Cleaning Software Cleans PC

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best pc cleaner - pc system cleaner

Are you searching for Best PC Cleaner software?
Is your computer with a junk files and slowing the speed?

If YES… your system or laptop needs PC Cleaner Software!

How to chhose best pc cleaning tools?
What are top 10 pc cleaner softwares?
Why few tools are only best pc cleaner softwares?

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Many PC Cleaning Programs are Useless – Here’s Why and What to do?

We’ve all seen that ad which says that our computer is getting slow and that we need some sort of optimization app to fix that. The truth is that these programs are an absolute waste of money. They can’t make computers run faster. “But, there are people who said that these programs helped them. Why is that?” The answer to that question is more complicated than you might think.

best pc cleaner - pc system cleaner

System cleanup tools – How to clean your PC

The Short Answer : Best PC Cleaner

The short answer is that people don’t know how to take care of their computers. Either on the software or the hardware side of things. PC Optimization/Cleaning software is just fixing their simple mistakes on the software side and asks for money.

The Long Answer : Best PC Cleaner

Computers get slower as we use them, and PC Cleaning Programs are offering a solution to that. Sometimes, they work. Sometimes, they don’t. In both cases, they are a waste of money.

In order to truly understand why that is, basic computer knowledge is required. We need to understand why computers get slow, what cleaning software does to fix that, and what we can do to fix that instead of spending our money on useless software. Laen why we need best PC cleaner software.

Why do Computers get Slower?

All in all, there are 4 main reasons which make our computer slower over time. Those are:

1. Maxing Out RAM Usage
2. Maxing Out Disk Usage
3. Maxing Out CPU Usage
4. Using Fragmented HDDs

There are numerous other causes for PC slowdowns such as thermal throttling, disk damage, etc. But, we’ll only focus on the above-mentioned causes as they are the most common ones for the average person.

Maxed Out RAM Usage – you need Best PC Cleaner (RAM cleaner for PC)

RAM memory is used to store programs that you’re running and their operations. It’s a type of memory that is several times faster compared to an HDD drive. When a computer runs out of RAM, one of its drives will have to be used as RAM memory which will make the computer unbearably slow.

Maxed Out Disk Usage – you need Best PC Cleaner (Disk cleaner for PC)

A drive can only read and write a certain amount of data per second. If that amount is reached with any given task, then opening another program or doing anything that requires disk usage, will feel sluggish as the drive is already working on another task.

Maxed Out CPU Usage – you need Best PC Cleaner (CPU cleaner for PC)

Processors have a limit on how much they can do. When a CPU is pushed to the limit, slowdowns are likely to occur. Mostly when multitasking.

Using Fragmented HDDs – you need Best PC Cleaner (computer clean up tools)

Writing, deleting, and then writing data again, will scatter pieces of your new files all around the drive. Accessing fragmented files takes a longer amount of time than usual due to the way that a mechanical drive works. That’s called disk fragmentation.

How Cleaning Software Fixes These Problems

The major disadvantage of system cleanup tools and windows cleaner programs is slowdown of your computer. Even the best windows cleaning software whatever it may be… you have to get your PC slowdowns. Now, what sort of magic tricks do these computer cleaning programs do to bypass them?

Maxed Out RAM Usage – Cleaning Software Fix

The easiest way to free up RAM memory is to shut down any programs that are sitting idly in the background. Some cleaning programs do that automatically and some also allow you to set how “aggressive” they can be with closing apps. Don’t look for cleaner app for PC.

Maxed Out Disk Usage – Cleaning Software Fix

The Windows OS has a priority system build into it. Applications with higher priority can take advantage of more resources. By default, the programs that are running in the foreground get a higher priority than those in the background. PC cleaning software has the ability to tweak these priorities to balance out things. Which makes it look like the computer is running faster.

Maxed Out CPU Usage – Cleaning Software Fix

Max CPU usage is often caused by too many programs running in the background or a weak CPU that easily gets pushed to its limit. In the first case, cleaning software can once again close background programs that are sitting idle. But, the performance increases, in this case, are almost non-existent. That is because the programs that were idled weren’t taking CPU resources anyway. In the second case, there’s nothing that can be done by best computer cleaning software.

Fragmented HDD – Cleaning Software Fix

There is fragmentation, and there is defragmentation. Defragmentation is where all of the scattered pieces of the files are being put together again. It’s a feature that exists in most PC cleaning tools or junk removal programs.

How We Can Fix These Problems

Online computer cleaners or automated programs are awesome for performing complicated tasks like removing malware easily, quickly, and effectively. But, there’s no need to pay for easy tasks that we can do by ourselves easily and even with greater results with system cleanup tools.

Maxed Out RAM Usage – Manual Fix

Programs that you don’t need can be closed by using the Windows task manager. If that’s not enough, then RAM memory can get upgraded for a small price. The procedure is also easy but requires a bit of caution and knowledge.

Maxed Out Disk Usage – Manual Fix

Task manager can be used to manually set the priorities of programs which could balance out disk usage. If that doesn’t help, you could always upgrade to an SSD which is faster than an HDD. Do keep in mind that SSDs are expensive.

Maxed Out CPU Usage – Manual Fix

In case that you have too many apps running in the background, you can close those that you don’t need which will free more resources and give you a performance boost.

You could also change the priorities of the programs and have more resources being allocated to a program of your choice. In case that your CPU is just weak, then you have no choice but to upgrade to a better one. Yet again, CPUs are pricey.

Fragmented HDD – Manual Fix

Windows comes with its own defragmentation program which can be used to defragment a drive.

To use it, go to file explorer -> right click on the drive which you want to defragment -> tools ->optimize and defragment.

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