Best Way to Get an Adsense Account

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Adsense is one  of the best ways to earn money from your blog or website. Google places ads on your blog or website and you’ll get paid either clicks or impressions basis. These days getting an adsense account is a bit difficult. Your blog or website must abide by lot of terms in order to get an adsense approval.

How to Get an Adsense Account?

But there is another way to get an adsense account that is through youtube. Create an youtube channel with your google account. Upload videos originally created by you. Share your youtube videos in your social pages to get good amount video views and subscribers.

Then either youtube welcomes you for monetizing your videos  or go to youtube channel settings and left side you can see monetization tab as shown in below pic, click on it fill the form and submit. This is called youtube content partnership program.

youtube monetization


youtube partner program

Once you submit your application youtube verifies your youtube channel and checks for any copyright infringements. If everything is ok youtube sends invitation to content partnership program. Then after filling certain forms within a week your adsense account will get activated which you can use for placing ads on your blog or website.

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