Blackberry 10 or BB10

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We all know blackberry is famous for business class phones. Earlier blackberry’s Qwerty smartphones were a big hit. But after the entry of android and iOS smartphones slowly the market for Blackberry devices has gone down. Blackberry tried to implement new strategies to regain the market but all their efforts went in vain.

Blackberry 10 Story

Blackberry in collaboration with Research In Motion(RIM) built brand new smartphones with Blackberry 10 OS(BB10). Earlier version of Blackberry OS was called BBX and the new version Blackberry 10(BB10) is called QNX(Unix code). So you are going to experience a completely new OS. What’s new in Blackberry 10(BB10)? Here are few features in Blackberry 10.

Blackberry 10 or BB10 Features

Blackberry Hub: Access all your messages, mails in one place with previews.

Keypad: Predictive Vocabulary suggests you words with a simple swipe adds the predicted word. Predictive Spacing gives automatic spaces between the words.

Face-to-Face BBM: Previously we can only send messages to one balckberry device to other. But now you can do video chat with BBM. You can even share a photo, your browser or a business document using Screen Share.

Business Ready: Blackberry 1o(BB10) is equipped with all business applications. It has Microsoft office products to work on your documents on the go. Intelligent calendar helps you in scheduling meetings and reminders.

Story Maker: With story maker you can create a beautiful video from your images and videos.
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