5 Blog Commenting Tips for Traffic and Networking

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Blog Commenting Tips

Blog Commenting Tips

You have to be consistent commentator on popular blogs to build up network with them. Commenting will help you to get backlinks for your blog and get the traffic for your content. You have to comment on blogs having niche same as your niche. You should make a list of popular blogs of your niche and track their news feed using tools. You must try to be the first commentator for new feed to get more advantage of commenting. You must be thinking on how to comment on other blogs like a professional. In this post we will discuss 5 blog commenting tips to drive traffic and build relationships.

Don’t Comment for Ranking

You may be worried about the keywords. Do you think commenting will drive organic traffic for you? No! That was a past. Now most of the bloggers use noFollow attribute in there comment links. This results in the barrier for organic traffic. noFollow attribute command search engine spiders not to follow links in comments. So there is no issue of using keywords or worrying about it. I recommend not using keywords in your comment which may stamp you as a spammer.

Include Your Real Name

You should always prefer using your real name or your brand name while commenting. When you mention your name or your brand name, readers will know you. Practicing such comments can force readers to remember you and your brand name. It would be meaningless if you do not mention your name or brand name in comments. There will be no benefit for such comments for your website. Always mention your name to get advantage of commenting strategy.

Mention Post Author

When you comment on any blog post, it’s a good practice to mention post author. It gives the author a sense that you actually do care about their work and in return they do reply with your name. By doing so you also build good network in blogosphere.

Each Comment Should be Worthy

Each comment you post on others blog, represents your blog and in turn it represents YOU. You should comment with quality lines always. The childish comments like awesome post, nice information will spoil your brand image. With quality comments you can show your knowledge regarding the topic. Readers should understand your efforts through your comment. Always comment with relevant lines. After reading your valuable and relevant comments readers will get convinced to browse your blog whenever they want content related to your niche.

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Relevancy Matters!

To get maximum benefit of commenting you should comment on relevant blogs only. The idea behind this is to target the audience. When you comment on the blogs having same niche, you can reach the audience who have interest for your niche. You must make a list of such blogs who has same target audience and have content of your niche. There is no pint in commenting on a nail art website if you are a blogger of SEO niche. The audience for nail art website will have zero interest in your SEO tips.


These are the 5 blog commenting tips you need to consider while commenting on other blogs. Commenting is best weapon to get the target audience on your blog. But it is more important how you use this weapon. Act wisely to get better results.

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