Blogger Post Summaries and Thumbnails in 3 Steps

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Post summaries and Thumbnails are one of the greatest customization available in blogger. Instead of full posts you can show posts summaries and thumbnails. These kind of layouts easily attracts users, which in turn increases your blog’s traffic.

Steps to Add Blogger Post Summaries and Thubmnails:

Back up your template. If anything goes wrong you can restore your old template. Go to your blogger dashboard click on Template. Then click on Edit html and click to proceed. Select Expand Widget template.

2. Now press F3 and search for <data:post.body/>. You may find 2 results replace first one with the following code.

Now preview template you will see snippet and thumbnail.

3. Add CSS to align the thumbnail. Press F3 search for </b:skin> in template code. Immediately before the tag paste following code.

If you want to align thumbnail image to right replace left with right in the above code.

blogger post summaries and thumbnails

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