Breadcrumbs and SEO

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Often when I’m reading SEO articles I don’t understand some terms. But sometimes small things play major role in search engine rankings. I’m using WordPress blogging platform. Initially I tried to implement lot of SEO on my blog. One of the best plugins that I came across is WordPress SEO. When I read an article about WordPress SEO I came across a term called breadcrumbs. Seriously I have no idea what it is. At that time I thought It’s enough learning today and left that topic there itself. But today I did a lot of research on breadcrumbs and how it helps in improving your seo. In this post I will share my understanding about breadcrumbs and how important to have breadcrumbs.

What are Breadcrumbs ?

Usually popular websites gets traffic from search engines. Users won’t directly land on your homepage. They land on some webpage of your website. So the website structure should be in such a way that user should know where he is currently located on the website. For huge websites the site structure is too complex. Users may get confused where they are located on the website and that’s where breadcrumbs comes into picture. Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid used in websites to allow users to keep the track of their location within the website. For example for this post you might see something like this Home / SEO / Breadcrumbs and SEO just above the post heading as shown in below pic.


This helps user to easily navigate through entire website and search engine bots to easily understand your website structure for easy indexation. If breadcrumbs are working fine on your website then instead of your post url search engines will show breadcrumbs in search results as shown in below pic.

breadcrumbs in search results

Breadcrumbs in WordPress

These days WordPress themes are coming with breadcrumbs feature. If you are not seeing navigation path above your post heading you can install WordPress plugin to avail that feature. WordPress SEO plugin comes with breadcrumbs feature but we strongly recommend using Breadcrumb NavXT plugin which is trusted by a Million WordPressors. Just install and activate the plugin. Finally paste the below code in appropriate file of your theme (typically header.php) where you want to show the navigation path.

Breadcrumbs Best Practices

1. Don’t link current page to itself.
2. Don’t use breadcrumbs in page title tag. This makes title too long.
3. Use breadcrumbs consistently.
4. Don’t just use it for internal linking. Use it for better navigation.

Hope! this post helped you in understanding breadcrumbs concept.

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