Careers in Web Development

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career in web development

Careers in Web Development – Find How to Become a High Paid Web developer

Web Development in layman terms means developing visually appealing websites that are safe and interactive. If you have the required skills in this domain you could look at the following job profiles:

career in web development

Front-End Developer: Developing web applications for clients is the primary responsibility of Front-End Developers. HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. are the technologies the Front-End Developers use to build web pages. This is the position offered to an entry-level candidate. It is an essential requirement to understand JavaScript’s core concepts and object-oriented programming patterns.

Full Stack Developer: Configuring servers, writing APIs, collaborating with the client team on web applications etc is the responsibility shouldered by these mid-level developers. These Full Stack Developers know in detail the entire functioning of the web. In addition to technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS they are adept at using PostgreSQL Config, OAuth2, Flask, and the likes.

Software Engineer: Software Engineers are involved in the designing of the web pages as well as their development. They work in sync with other developers and programmers to transform the software idea into an operational program.

Web Developer: Web Developers identify the requirements for websites/applications. They work on projects relating to software development in a timely fashion while supervising the deliverables of their team.

Web Designer: Web Designers are involved in the designing of the website or an application. They are responsible for the appearance of the website and the user experience, basically front-end of the website.

Graphic Designer (Web): Graphic Designers specializing in website graphics work on the visual appeal of the website. They create graphics that make the website user-friendly. While keeping in mind the company/clients vision, and the image they design the structure, use color codes and other multimedia.

Computer Programmer: Computer Programmers write and test codes. They develop and fine-tune computer programs/software.

If you feel you have the right mix of design skills and fine arts then this is the perfect career path for you. However, this field is evolving at a fast pace with new technologies and methodologies coming up. You must consider polishing your skill sets and upgrading them as per the demands of the job market to stay ahead in the competition.

If you are a busy professional and do not wish to stay away from the workforce to pursue a fulltime program consider opting for an online one. We have listed below a few courses that we found good for enhancing your chances of getting better and higher paid jobs in Web Development.

The United States of America: Learn Web Development in US

New Jersey Institute of Technology has a graduate certificate program in Web Systems Development.
Southern New Hampshire University has an online MS in Information Technology (Web Design) program.
The University of Florida has an online Graduate Certificate program in Web Design.
The University of Denver has a Web Development and Design Masters program. The program format you can opt for is either Evening or Online.

Canada: Learn Web Development in Canada

Humber College has a Graduate Certificate Program in Web Development.
Sheridan College has a Graduate Certificate Program in Web Design.

The United Kingdom: Learn Web Development in UK

Greenwich University has a 1-year fulltime program in MA Web Design and Content Planning.
The University of the West of Scotland has a Masters of Science program in Mobile Web Development. It is a 2-year part-time program.
The University of Leicester has a fulltime program in Web Applications and Services. There are two variants; one is a Masters and other is a PG Diploma with durations ranging between 1-2 years.

The duration, program structure, tuition fees, entry requirements, application deadlines etc. of all the programs stated above vary from institute to institute. To find out your eligibility to these courses contact Leverage Edu. The Consultants at Leverage Edu have been guiding students through the demanding program selection and application process for quite some time now and have the expertise to carve careers of professionals from diverse fields.

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