Augmented Reality – Everything You Need to Know

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Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and 360° videos has crossed the limitations of smartphone and PC screens. Now we can immerse ourselves in a 3D virtual world. Virtual reality is all about creating a 3D animated virtual environment which we can explore using a VR device. But still we are confined to virtual objects. Have you watched any of Iron Man series? Robert Downey … Read More

Virtual Reality – Everything You Need to Know

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Virtual Reality

Till 2014 we are all stuck behind the glass, I mean the mobiles and computers, they are all screens. Everything we see is just confined to the dimension of the display. In 2015 the tech simulations we saw in Hollywood movies like Iron Man have become reality. Many new technologies got introduced which include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° videos. As we are … Read More

Most Anticipated Tech of 2016

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Tech predictions for 2016

Before 2015 in tech world everything was about smartphones alone. It’s all about better camera, RAM, processor and display quality. In 2015 we have seen many new tech innovations such as 4K TVs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, drones, 360° videos and wearable tech. They are just in the starting stage. So in this post we are going to cover … Read More

How Technology Affects Online Gaming Today

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Technology and gaming.

Any average person who reads the news is aware of how technology has impacted industry and economy. Developments in Internet technology has led to the rapid growth and development of various industries, including the online gaming industry. How Technology Affects Online Gaming Today The Internet is a major tool of communication, and gambling operators have become heavily dependent on it. … Read More

Kotak Jifi – Banking Experience Unlike Any Other

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Kotak Jifi

Have you ever thought you can open bank account with a simple signup? Have you ever thought you can earn reward points for referring a friend to a bank? Have you ever thought your Facebook activity can earn reward points for you? Have you ever thought you can get your account information with just a tweet? All these sounds crazy … Read More