Best Antivirus for Windows 10 PC and Laptop

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Antivirus software is probably the most needed desktop application after browsers. Our systems are not safe and are under constant threat from malicious activities like virus attacks or cyber threats and to deal with all these things, we need an antivirus. There are hundreds of antivirus programs available and it is very difficult to choose one but don’t worry as … Read More

Best Video Editing Software – Aimersoft Video Editor

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Aimersoft Video Editor

Earlier people used handy cams and DSLR cameras to capture pictures and videos. These days most of the people are buying smartphones because they are becoming cheaper day by day. In the beginning days mobile phones have only VGA cams using which people captured only images and that too quality is not so good. As technology evolving mobile phone’s camera … Read More

Microsoft Office 365 Review

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Windows Phone 8 Office 365

Microsoft Released new version of office called Office 365 with cool new features. The user interface has a complete new look. It’s build from the heart of Windows 8. The user interface gives you windows 8 like experience.

Windows 8.1 First Look

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Windows 8.1

Microsoft came forward with Windows 8.1 an update to Windows 8. Microsoft fixed many bugs and introduced many new features in Windows 8.1.

iOS 6.1.2 Update Review

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apple ios 6.1.2

Apple announced iOS 6 with plenty of new features. Later it came with iOS 6.1 by fixing many bugs. Now apple announced iOS 6.1.2 with some more bug fixes.