Code for Scroll to Top or Bottom Button

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Your website or blog should be in such a way that user should be able to easily navigate through your website. Smooth scrolling is the ability to scroll to top of the page or bottom of the page or to particular segment of a page. Add the following code to your blog or website for smooth scrolling.

Code for Scroll to Top

Code for Scroll to Bottom

You can customize the code, instead of text like “Scroll to Top” you can place an image showing up arrow using image tag in anchor tag. Copy above code wherever you want in your website.

Blogspot  bloggers go to Layout of your blog. Click on Add a Gadget and add html/javascript gadget at the bottom of your layout and paste code scroll to top code there. If you are familiar in customizing template paste the code after the comments code in your Blogger template. WordPress has many free plugins without any coding you can get great scrolling effects.

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