Convert MP4 to AVI Format

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Convert MP4 to AVI Format

Your Ultimate Video Converter Guide – Convert MP4 to AVI Format

Want to convert MP4 to AVI?
Looking how to convert MP4 to AVI?

Video Converter Guide – Mp4 to AVI videos

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on the best way to video converter software to convert MP4 to AVI in this upcoming technology trends days. You can also read more about latest technology industry news and tech products reviews articles etc. here. Continue your reading of the Ultimate Video Converter Guide. Learn how to article on convert videos MP4 to AVI format.

The MP4 format is extremely popular among many tech fanatics. This is due to the container’s feasibility in allowing playback of movies on a wide variety of devices. Although MP4 formats are considered popular for their convenience, they prove to be problematic if you want to use a DVD player. Videos in the MP4 format can have difficulty running on a DVD player, due to compatibility issues.

Convert MP4 to AVI Format

Learn how to Convert videos MP4 to AVI Format

Video Converter Guide – Convert MP4 to AVI

A make-shift solution to this is converting MP4 to the AVI format. Users who want to convert their MP4 files to AVI can have a problem-free time watching videos on a DVD player. AVI files tend to run smoothly on most DVD players, making them perfect for playback on DVD players. One question they have on their mind now is how to convert MP4 to AVI.

Step by Step Video Converter Guide

The process for converting MP4 formats to AVI through Movavi’s exceptional video converter is quite simple, and does not require any extensive procedure. You just need to follow a few simple steps for converting MP4 files into AVI ones or vice versa. Find here how to convert MP4 to AVI Format

These steps include:

1. Installing the Video Converter

Open the installation setup file, and install the converter on your system. The installation process for Movavi Video Converter is quite simple, and does not have any roadblocks whatsoever. Visit the website, download the installer and proceed with the installation of the converter.

2. Choosing the File to Convert

Once you have installed the converter, click ‘add media’ on the upper-left corner of the screen and add the video that you want to convert to the queue. You can convert multiple files in one go, because of the added feature present inside Movavi Video Converter. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Editing and Compressing Before Conversion

If you need to make some minor edits in the video being converted, then it is best to do so now. Make the edits by stabilizing the shakes, and checking the background audio for any irregularities. You can also trim the contents within the video file, or crop them to get the perfect output. When you think you are good to proceed forward, compress the file and get it converted with the click of a button. Click the convert button to initiate the conversion.

Features of Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter boasts of numerous features which, when properly used, can help you in editing and converting videos in the most flawless manner. These features include:

• Add subtitles to the video using Movavi’s dedicated feature
• Stabilize the video to reduce or negate any impact of shakiness
• Adjust audio levels, or reduce irritating background noise
• Adjust colors, including contrast, saturation and brightness
• Add image/text or watermark to the picture
• Crop the frame according to your desires and set custom dimensions
• Rotate or flip the video to experience a better dimension
• Trim, cut or remove a specific portion of the video for best results
• Advanced output formal settings
• Multiple languages supported, making the interface easy to use
• Various inputs and output files supported
• Support for batch conversion, allowing multiple files to be processed in one instance

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