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While surfing web sometimes we may encounter Page not found error. This is because may be user entered  the incorrect url or the the page user is looking for doesn’t exist. This is called Page Not Found error 404.  Creating a custom page not found is also one pf the  Blogger search engine optimization techniques. Websites or blogs with Custom 404 page gets good page rank compared to rest.

Custom 404 Page for Blogger Blog

Creating a custom 404 page in blogger is very easy. Just follow below simple steps
1. Go to Blogger dashboard, click on Settings and then click on Search preferences.
2. Now under Errors and Redirections you can see Custom Page Not Found
3. Now click on edit and write your own html code for custom 404 page as shown in below pic and finally save changes. That’s it you are done with creating a custom 404 page for your blogger blog.
custom 404 page for blogger blog



The intention 404 pages is to inform the visitor particular webpage is not available and direct them to a other post on your website. If you enjoyed reading my post share this post on Facebook and twitter, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

5 Comments on “Custom 404 Page for Blogger Blog”

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