All About DealGuru from Askme Bazaar

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Online shopping industry is being running on a spree now, where huge investments are being made. Looking at the same factor, Askmebazaar is the new shopping portal trying its luck in the market. Well, there is something different which is portal is doing and we are going to talk more about it in detail. Well, they have also started off with a good marketing campaign and now it seems that they are not trying to go slow as of now. This ‘something different’ initiative is being done under the same of DealGuru, let us see what actually it is all about.

DealGuru from Askme Bazaar

What is DealGuru?

As the name says, it will be giving you the best deals, when it comes to buying anything. Honestly when I visited the website, I found those prices really cheap, especially under the section of apparels. However, when I was comparing the prices of mobile phones, I didn’t really see the same pattern.

The main reason of putting the lower price than their competitors is the kind of products which they are selling on the portal. These products are really old and now not available on any of the website. Let us say you remember the product of your Nike shoes which are not available in the market anymore. They got out of fashion and so Nike stopped manufacturing them, but what if you are one of the consumers who would love to get those shoes at any price. Then you should search this shopping portal for that product.

Deal guru is a platform for the buyers and sellers who would like to sell such obsolete products in the market. There are many sellers, with whom stock of such products are left when the seasons ends and then they are supposed to replace those products with newer products on the shelf and so those old products go back to the warehouse or disposed of to the local (unauthorized retailers) at really cheap prices. However, this platform give a good hope to those manufacturers by removing the middle man and then reaching out to the customers directly.

The shipping on all the purchases are free but then there will be a small transaction charge which will be added to the final price of the product, the same will charged at the end of seller too.


Well, there is not promise that prices will be the cheapest and you may end looking those old products which have been priced so excessively. Now, who will buy iPhone 4 at the price of 44,500 INR, so you can see that you will have to search a lot and there is not sorting available on the portal which may wave you off from the website. Apart from this there many products by the same name, search the name of the product on the address bar to look at all the options.

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