Develop a Mobile App Easily with These 7 Killer Tips

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Learn How to Develop a mobile app easily with these 7 killer tips

Due to the rapid growth in the usage of mobile devices and tablets, mobile apps have become consumers’ essentials today. Mobile apps have entirely changed the world—from booking cabs to renting accommodation and so on.

As per a study, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2019. And in the US alone, the number is estimated to rise to 247.5 million in the same period. This trend is hugely encouraging for the app developers as it would create significant opportunities for them.

Today, companies have started investing huge money in developing mobile apps to increase customer engagement and brand identity. Regardless of the business size, entrepreneurs are diving into the pool of mobile app design to stay ahead of the competitors. You too have to follow the trends if you want to establish and grow your business as a market leader because most companies in your area may have thought off launching mobile apps.

If you are a startup and want the market to feel your presence, you must consider these tips while developing a mobile app for your business:

  • Know users’ likes & dislikes: No matter how much you have spent in building an app, if it doesn’t excite the users, they will not use it. Before designing an app, make sure you do proper research on users’ likes & dislikes. This will help you in creating an app that motivates the users to download it.
  • Right features and platforms: Once you are clear with user’s preferences, you need to decide app features and platforms. Apps behave differently on different platforms. Before starting with your project, you should be clear about the platform it is going to launch. Choosing a wrong platform could negatively affect your business. Do a thorough study of the platform — how it works, what parameters are best suited for the app. To provide your users with an excellent experience, another critical thing that you need to do is choosing the right features with engaging content and brilliant UI. If your app doesn’t have compelling features and UI, users may uninstall your app.
  • Offline friendliness: It is the new trend which is grabbing the attention of both developers and users. Offline apps offer users to use an app even without the availability of internet connection. This feature is quite tempting; it has the potential to attract the users and make the app successful.
  • Responsive Design: Different people use different types of phones. While some prefer to use a big screen, others may prefer phones with smaller screens. Responsive design automatically fits the size of the screen. As a developer or designer, you would probably be willing to offer your users a great experience. While developing the mobile app design, make sure it is responsive. The essential elements such as color, logo, images, and text should automatically get aligned according to the size of the screen.
  • One App for one reason: The market is flooded with numerous apps creating the consumer to choose the right one for the solution. To get the attention of the users, introduce your app for one reason. This will help you in developing your app smartly. For instance, you are building an app for taxi service, and you also want to promote your eatery business having the same name. Giving two different solutions within the same app might not get the required attention. For this, you can develop two apps with varying designs of the logo that can represent both the business in the right manner.
  • Check out the OS updates: Before you launch your app, check out the latest operating systems and their updates. Even a minor change in the operating system can change the entire scenario. It also must meet the regulatory guidelines, failing of which can land you in big trouble.
  • Test it properly: You won’t be willing to roll-back your app soon after the launch as it involved your hard work, efforts, money, and most importantly your emotions. So, it is essential to test your app on different devices through manual as well as automated testing mode. Make sure you test each phase of the development process. This will help you in coming up with a robust product that will get a good response.


The success of any product depends primarily on the right strategy and dedication towards it. While developing an app for your business, create a design that’s a combination of functionality and aesthetic senses. Hope the above tips will help you in creating a great app that adapts to the users’ needs.

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