Different Types of Online Malware

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types of computer malware

Different Types of Online Malware: Everything You Need to Know to Secure your Data

Do you have a computer? Then you must definitely have installed an antivirus in your system. The reason – attack of malware on your computer. And there are different types of negative effects. You may have to pay a ransom, the files get corrupted/deleted and many more. In this article, you get information on different types of online malware.

types of computer malware

What Is Malware?

It is a malicious code meant to mainly cause harm to the computer. Or it can lay to waste an entire system or server. But the main disadvantage is the continuous evolution of new malware that can be a threat to every computer. This article gives information on different types of online malware.

1. First Type of Online Malware – Viruses

In recent times, every malware is labeled as a computer virus. So, when the infected file is opened, even the virus also spreads. Please note, infection occurs only with viruses. So, it is very hard to clean the virus as the code has to be deleted from the root source.

A little bit impossible task. In many cases, the antivirus program deletes only the infected files. So, there are chances of the virus making an appearance even after many days.

2. Second Type of Online Malware – Worms

If there is a negative code which has remained since the olden days, it is a computer worm. Yes, it is true that viruses overtook them, but with email, they came fresh and rejuvenated. The last decade saw worms come with email attachments. In short, an employee will open a mail containing a worm and then the entire server will get affected.

Do we need to give you an example? Then take the case of Iloveyou. It sent text messages crashing through the telephone systems and even brought many corporations to the offline mode. While a virus needs someone to get activated, the worm can infect files and all programs.

3. Third Type of Online Malware – Trojans

Now, another form has been used by hackers to spell destruction. The name is Trojans. Remember Trojan Horse and the war? In fact, these programs come across as authentic programs, but they have malicious codes. Usually, the Trojan gets installed in your computer via a fake antivirus program.

You get a popup claiming that the computer is infected. Then it gives the name of a program to take off the virus. Now, you are the victim and then the Trojan gets installed.

4. Fourth Type of Online Malware – Hybrids

A hacker is a completely competent professional equipped to design malware and other kinds of malicious programs. In recent times, hackers have developed complex combination software programs where the malicious programs act as a Trojan but attack other programs as a worm.

malware removal tools

5. Fifth Type of Online Malware – Ransomware

Then there are programs which can deny access to your computer. The famous ransomware in recent times is WannaCry. Just this week, another ransomware gained fame, by name Ryuk. So, the malicious code enters your computer, gets installed and denies your entry. You have to pay the cash in cryptocurrency for getting an encryption key. E

Compared to its counterparts, ransomware have crippled large corporations and have not left even the enforcement agencies.

6. Sixth Type of Online Malware – Adware

You must have come across adware, many times in your life. When you are browsing the internet with your laptop or computer, you get numerous ads affecting the work and concentration. If you, by chance, clicked on them, then it will lead you to the product promotion website.

7. Seventh Type of Online Malware – Spyware

Have you worked in a high profile company? Then you must be knowing that there will exist spyware on your computer. Through it, the team leader can keep an account of the work you do. This is the positive side. On the negative side, spyware is used by criminals to steal your identity or confidential data.

Troublesome they are, but easy to remove. A normal anti-spyware can easily remove these files from your computer or desktop. But please note, if you have found spyware on the computer, then it is an indication that a vulnerable passage is available. So, you need to fix it or the system may get into real trouble.


These are some types of online malware which you can find easily. Some are difficult to identify and even more difficult to remove. In this situation, you need to hire a computer service expert to get the problem fixed. Do you stay in Mumbai, and fear that the home computer has suffered a spyware attack? If you are doing digital payments, it is mandatory to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

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Have you read the article on types of online malware? Have we missed some valuable information? Then kindly put a comment and we will pick up in the next article.

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