Digital(E) Waste Management: Things You Should Know now

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Digital-e-waste management

E waste management – How to Contribute to the Good Cause

The Importance of Minimizing E-waste

Reducing e-waste is not taken seriously. People are unaware of its importance. In India, manufacturing of electronic devices in large amounts to fulfill the increasing needs of population has led to serious hazards to the environment.

Digital-e-waste management

Digital-e-waste management

Use of rare materials in production of these electronic goods represents very large source of exemplified energy. One of the major benefits of reducing e-waste is that it helps in conserving resources and significantly cuts down the amount of energy extracted and used from the earth.
When it comes to reusing the plastics and precious metals from old cellular phones, the task alone can save as much energy as flipping off the power to several thousands of homes for the entire year. That’s how we are wasting valuable energy which can benefit someone else. Producing or mining more phones and plastics is a bad idea. It is harmful for those involved in the task and environment.

In India, many homes and fields in the villages do not get electricity and water. Not reusing electronic goods properly and creating new ones blindly can make the population in these areas deprived of the facilities forever.

E-waste management in India is a topic that hasn’t been taken too seriously. Although some organizations are taking a step ahead towards conserving the planet by recycling e-waste, it is still an issue to be considered seriously.

Things to Do

There are a number of things you can do to manage e-waste. Here’s how you can contribute for the betterment of environment:

Think Over – Again and Again

It is important that you sit and re-evaluate things. Do you really need an extra gadget? Is it worth the investment? If you can do without it, don’t invest.

1. Make Wiser Choices

Research and find a single device that serves multiple functions.

2. Extend Life of Electronics

Make efforts towards extending life of your electronics. Some of the things you can do include purchasing a case, keeping the device cleaner, etc. Also avoid overcharging the battery. Do not allow the battery to completely discharge.

3. Invest in Better Things

Purchase environmentally friendly electronics. This is not tough. All you need to do is look for products labeled Energy Star. Ask the vendor or dealer to help you in this regard.

4. Donate for Better Cause

You can donate used electronics towards social programs or to those who need them. This way, you can extend help to victims of domestic violence, social violence, etc. Some organizations conduct children safety initiatives where you can donate your electronics and help the needy. Look for bodies that may take your goods for environmental causes. The idea is to see how you can help others by giving out the used electronics.

5. Reuse Electronics

Reuse of large electronics will serve one of the best ways to save planet. You can join groups online and post about it or look for vendors who will take them from you.

6. Look for E-waste Recycling Bins

Some countries offer e-waste recycling bins. These are located at various areas to help people drop their old, used, and damaged electronic products. Check out these places in India.

End Note – Proper management of e-waste is crucial for the health of population. It will give life to a lot of people in rural areas and help them get basic needs including electricity, water for agriculture, energy for cooking food, and safe drinking water.

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