How to Earn Money from Mobile app : Monetize your App

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how to earn money from mobile app

Earn Money from Mobile App : How to Monetize an App

How to make money from mobile apps is not a rocketscience secrete at this digital era. You can make money with your mobile apps with iOS and Android. Learn How to earn money from mobile app and monetize your app.

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Here you can get more about how to monetize an app. Learn the best ways to monetize your mobile apps.

Earn Money from Mobile app

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about how to earn money from mobile app (Android and iPhone applications). Find now DIY Software Solution with latest mobile app technology updates and How to articles here. Learn more about how do mobile apps make money and best ways to make money apps.

 how to earn money from mobile app

Find here best ways to monetize an app

Earn Money from Mobile apps

It is a big achievement to create an app for your business, but now the question arises how to make it prominent and make money out of it. Once an app is developed and is launched in the market the customer reach establishes which enables you to have all sorts of new ideas and customer requirements to enhance your business outcomes. It is a fact that your app can do a lot more especially it can be a brilliant money making tool.

In this mobile app monetization article here are few important points to discuss different ways by which you can highly monetize app. Learn now how to earn money from mobile app and ways to monetize your mobile apps.

In-app Email subscription

It can be a beneficial step to develop an Email strategy inculcated with your app. It can bring in more engagement by your customers as it has been observed that an email has the maximum life span as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

It has been noticed that people rarely change their email addresses that makes an email marketing campaign a convenient way to enable users to engage with your content. Consistent and systematic emails to the clients will make your brand at the top in your customers’ minds which will eventually benefit your business. You are reading about how to earn money from mobile app. Keep going to learn how to monetize mobile apps.

The most efficient way to gather the email related data is to add an email subscription form into your app. This form will provide your app a massive upsurge by motivating users to enter their email addresses specifically if you offer a benefit for email subscribers.

Email marketing strategy can be fairly varied. For the promotions or deals you can send an access code in the email that the customers can enter in the app. If you have regular newsletter subscription or blog page on your website, their promotion can be done through emails.


Digital advertising has changed the face of communication between the consumers and the advertisers and the main reason is the amount of time people spend on their phones and other devices. It is also a fact that free apps are more popular all over the world as compared to the paid ones. So the best option to monetize your app is to inculcate advertisement with your app while keeping the app free of cost. You are reading about how to earn money from mobile app. Keep going to learn ways to monetize an app.

There is term widely used; Incentivized advertising for which the company who wants to advertise and the owner of the app agree to induce advertisement in the app. There are usually 5 types of advertisements used nowadays.

Interstitial or full-screen ads – These ads are usually positioned at natural pause points, like when moving between menus.  These ads do not interrupt the experience of a user who is using your app, they’re more expected to produce clicks without causing obstruction.

Notification ads – These advertisements pop up in the mobile device’s status bar and make users more alert of the ad’s presence. Be careful while agreeing to inculcate these advertisements as they aren’t the most popular ads out there, and have all the ability to damage your app’s reputation.

Capture form – Depending on user options, these ads offer incentives (like points or tokens) for users who provide their email addresses.

Advanced overlay – These ads custom transition points like interstitial ads and are interactive instead of clickable images. They’re kind of a combination of capture form and full screen ads.

Banner ads – These ads are generally found at the top or bottom of the screen and can be quite ineffective because they are more disrupting than others. They can also annoy your users, so think a lot before agreeing to include one into your business’s app.


A partner or a sponsor can greatly benefit your customers and your business alike, especially if you generate an integrated experience. Sponsorship can monetize your app to a huge extent. Continue your reading about best ways to monetize your mobile apps.

The users on different apps can see your apps logo while usage and if properly executed it can be quite favorable for your business and the app.

If your partner contains advertisements featuring your apps, there’s a huge possibility that their users might click that ad to directly visit your app. This is entitled a click-through rate (CTR), and in some cases, it can be as high as 12.5%.

So, once you are comfortable with the idea of accommodating and sharing advertisements, categorically think of forming partnerships to enhance your brand outreach. You are reading about how to earn money from mobile app. Keep going to learn how to monetize mobile apps.

In-app purchasing

There is a big share of Freemium apps where customers do not pay anything initially but they have to spend to unlock some additional features. This is way is usually used in games but any business can take the prospected advantage.

You can choose to offer users with the opportunity to purchase your products straight from the app and have them delivered. Or, if you’re a business that provide services, users can even opt for in-app billing. Continue your reading about best ways to monetize your mobile apps.

Premium versions

This is another successful method of generating revenue through your app. After offering a free version with limited features you can offer a paid premium which includes more and better features plus you can make them add free for client gratification. The free version will serve as a teaser and as the user is habitual of your app it is most likely that they will be willing to buy the premium version.


Article: How to Earn Money from Mobile app : Monetize your App

The above discussed mobile app monetization strategies are the most effective ways of monetizing your mobile app hence benefitting your app and the brand. As you are now well aware of how awesome a mobile app can be for your business, it can permit you to expand your brand and make acquaintances with customers you might never have extended before. Hoping you are with enough knowledge about how to earn money from mobile app.

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