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294 billion emails were sent each day across the world and 70% of emails were spam. Sometimes we send an email but we are not sure whether the recipient has read the mail or when the email has read and from where? Unfortunately there is no such email tracking system available in Gmail/Yahoo/Hot Mail/Rediff. Fortunately there are some websites providing free email tracking service.

Important Info
SpyPig Email tracking has been discontinued.

SpyPig Email Tracking

SpyPig is a free email tracking service that notifies you when recipient opens your email. Following are the steps to use SpyPig tool for mail tracking.

1. Create an account in SpyPig.
2. Sign in to your account.
3. Click on My SpyPig Factory. In the next window enter the email to which you want to receive the notification, subject you want to receive, select a tracking image and finally click on Create My SpyPig as shown in below pic.

email tracking by spypig factory

4. Copy and paste the email tracking image in your mail before the timer elapses to zero. When the recipient opens your mail you will receive a confirmation mail as shown in below pic. You will receive the details such as date & time when the mail has been read, ip address and location.

tracking email by spypig

You can upload up to 10 images to SpyPig Gallery which you can use as a tracking image. For example you can use your business card or any greeting image. If you are not satisfied with SpyPig try IfRead free email tracking service.


It is always good to track your important mails instead thinking about the mail. There are many websites which are providing email tracking service out of them we found SpyPig free email tracking more user friendly.

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10 Comments on “SpyPig Email Tracking”

  1. Sometimes it’s quite inconvenience to insert image like this way. I prefer something faster like whoreadme.com or yesware.com.

  2. Skypig was great but I cannot sign in again and it seems not to be working. How can I get it going again. Please I need your help.

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