Extend The Range of Your WiFi Router Signal

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These days almost everyone who has a internet connection has a wifi router. Using wireless router you can connect to internet anywhere within the specified range. What if you are using a old router or your router has a poor signal range?

Tips to boost your wireless wifi router signal range:

1. You can buy a new wifi router and connect it to old router using ethernet cable. You don’t need to setup anything as the new router works with the settings of old router.

wifi repeater

2. Buying a new wireless router is a bit costly instead you can buy a wifi repeater. If you keep the repeater within the range of wifi router it will reflect that signal to other areas where signal strength is poor. Wifi repeaters are useful especially when your wireless router is in ground floor and you want to access signal in top floors.

omni directional antenna
3. Most of the routers comes with omni-directional antennas which spreads signals in all directions. You can replace it with a uni-directional antenna to get signals to a desired direction.

4. Aluminium foil can reflect your wifi signal. Instead of buying a omni-directional antenna you can cut an aluminium foil into a triangle shape and then cut one corner into oval shape. Place that foil behind the your router as shown in below pic.

wifi aluminium foil

5. There are many firmwares available on net which will boost your wifi signal. Download and install them.

Key Points: If you want to access wireless signal in entire your home then place it in  central location of your home. Always keep wifi router at heights like hang to any wall. Check your signal strength in different locations based on your observation use any of the above tips.

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