FIFA 18 (FIFA Virtual Football game) Needs to have a Better AI

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FIFA 18, a FIFA Virtual Football game Needs to have a Better AI

Among the most played video games across the world, we have the FIFA which is virtually the biggest staging of playing football. EA Sports has managed to come up with the best possible features in every edition of the FIFA that has made an appearance till date. And with expectations rising with only a few months to go before the official release of the game, it can be said that there are a number of things that all the fans would love see coming in the FIFA 18.

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The first thing that one would love to see come in FIFA is a better AI. And the implication needs to be made in almost all the sectors. This is because of the fact that FIFA has been one of those games which has been the closest to reality and that has actually made the fans of the game much more expectant. Now coming to the betterments that most of the FIFA fans would love to see it can be said that the fouling system needs to be bettered. It has been one of the most inconsistent things that one can come across in FIFA. FIFA 18 needs to fix that. There have been instances in the single player mode when the players are called back for some ridiculous fouls even when there is no need to do that.

Also, there have been situations when dangerous tackles are made but because of the fact that the player has got a piece of the ball, there has been only a yellow card or just a warning. But there are occasions as well when just a simple tackle from behind fetches a direct sending off. This inconsistency certainly needs to be fixed and that will bring in much more realism into the game. Surely this is going to be one thing that the developers of FIFA 18, EA Sports should keep in mind.

Besides the AI, one thing that nay FIFA would love to see is the incorporation of women’s football. In FIFA 17 there has been a section dedicated to Women’s football. However, a player only manages to play an exhibition match with international teams when it comes to women’s football. This is where EA should make some investment while developing FIFA 18 as the popularity of the Women’s football is one the rise for quite some time now.

Things like Journey Mode in the men’s section which enables one to go ahead with Alex Hunter. There should be something very close to that in the women’s section of the upcoming FIFA 18. Even if the Journey Mode does not come in, EA should look forward to expanding Women’s football to the different clubs and Manager Mode which is one of the most attractive sections in the FIFA franchise over the years.

However, all these are that we need to see the changes coming in FIFA 18 which will be launched in September this year. What it actually turns out to be, remains to be seen then and for that, we all have to wait for a few more days as September is still quite a few months away from now.

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