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Everyone wants to make money online through their blog or website. Most of them wants to earn through google adsense program. Because google is reputed company and offers market’s best CPCs. Getting adsense approval has become difficult these days.

Reasons for Adsense disapproval:

  1. Copy violation.
  2. Not enough content.
  3. Not an Valuable Alexa rank.
  4. Poor google page rank.
  5. Adding more publisher ads while applying for Adsense.
  6. Not six month Older.
  7. Invalid clicks.
  8. Promoting hits by your Friends.

How to Get  Adsense Approval

google adsense approval

1. Website url should be top level domain. Because users always show interest in visiting top level domain like .com instead of a sub-domain.

2. Your blog or website should be atleast 6 months older and should be active.

3. Make sure that your website/blog has atleast 50 articles.

4. Website or blog content should be original and good.

5. Apply search engine optimization to increase your website traffic. Because your website traffic is directly proportional to your adsense approval rate.

6. Check your site’s social standing like how often your pages are being shared on social sites.

7. Website deisgn should be simple and easy to navigate. Add social buttons to your site.

8. If your adsense application is disapproved google provides the reason for disapproval. Try to resolve that problem and resubmit application.

9. Provide sitemap to users and submit your sitemap to search engines.

10. Fill adsense application carefully. Don’t ignore terms and conditions of google adsense.

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  1. I think in a forum it is not possible to provide unique content as in Blog. Do you think a forum still stands a chance to get approved by Adsense?

    1. Jason, forums have user generated content so it is difficult to get an AdSense approval. Anyway give it a try and let me know whether it worked for you or not 🙂

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