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YouTube custom url

Hello Everyone, from past few years the way we claim custom url on Google+ and YouTube has changed many times. Now unless until you have certain number of followers on Google+ and 100 subscribers for your YouTube channel you won’t get a custom url. So now I will share you a quick hack to get Google+ and YouTube channel custom url instantly.

How To Get Google+ and YouTube Custom Url Instantly?

1. Login to Google+ and switch to your brand page.

2. Go to profile. If you are on New Google+ switch to classic by clicking on Back to classic G+ which you can find on left hand-side menu.

Back to classic G+

3. Once you switch to classic Google+. If you already linked your website to page and verified with Google webmasters tools, you will see your brand is approved custom url with Get Url button.

Google+ Pre-Approved Url

4. Click on it and get your custom url.

Google+ Custom Url

5. If you didn’t add your url. Go to about page and under links add your website. Also verify your infotainment website on Google webmasters tools. Wait for 24 hours to get your pre-approved custom url.

Google+ Website

6. Once you claim custom url on Google+ page login to YouTube and switch to your channel.

7. Now click on below link and under channel settings you can see your channel is approved custom url.

8. Click on it and get the url for your YouTube channel too

YouTube custom url

If your website is already verified on Google webmasters tools, this entire process takes hardly 15 minutes. If you are verifying it now allow 24 hours for Google+ to process your custom url. Trust me it works

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