Get Google Voice Number Outside US

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What is Google Voice?

Google voice is a service provided by google which gives you a single number for all your phones. All calls will be forwarded to google voice number. User can also record voice mail if phone is unavailable. This service is present in only US and Canada. If users from other countries tries to login in google voice service a message will appear like this “google voice is not available in your country”. With google voice you can make a call or send a text message or voice message. Voice messages will be stored in user’s voice mail box. Google voice rates are cheaper compared to other career providers.

How to get Google Voice Number Outside US?

To get a google voice account you need to have U.S. ip address because google traces your ip address before you login. To get U.S. ip address download and install hotspot shield. Check your ip address in ip tools. If you see country United States then you can login to google voice.

google voice number outside US

Now pick up a google voice number by area code or select from available numbers. Enter a 4 digit pin for your voice mail and input your local U.S. number. Then click on call me now  and enter the code once you pick up the call from google voice. That’s it your google voice phone number is ready. Currently google voice apps are available on iOS and Android platforms.

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