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If you have a US phone number then it’s easy for your relatives or friends in US to call you. They will be charged at local rates. You can receive free incoming calls and with minimum charges you can also make calls to US.

Steps to get free US Phone Number:

1. Go to and create an account. Immediately you’ll receive a confirmation mail.
2. Click on confirmation link and provide other details and sign up
3. Go to callcentric dashboard and copy callcentric # no which starts with 1777
4. Open browser new tab and go to and  set account type as sip and paste call centric no in sip username field and host name, mail id and password that you gave in callcentric account  select an area code.
5.  You will receive a mail from ipkall with your local US phone number.
6. Now you have US phone no. You need to activate it.
7. Download and install Express Talk. During installation choose all default options and check on “Yes I already have a SIP account” and click next enter details that you entered in step 4 and finish the setup.
8. Now go to callcentric tab and refresh it. Now you’ll see a message “Your Phone is registered”.

free US phone number

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