Google Adsense Tips

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Many publishers are  using google adsense for monetizing their content. But often I’m hearing complains they are not making good revenue out of it. The reason is they are not placing ads in correct position. Ads placement and the type of ad are crucial. Here few adsense tips to increase your revenue.

Google Adsense Tips

1. If you want to monetize your website place ads where visitors notice the ads.

2. Best performing ad units are 160×600, 336×280.  For text ads 336×380 and 330×250.  For sidebar go for 160×600.

3. Based on your website layout place ads in the middle or above fold of your website.

4. Based on your website theme use contrast colors to google ads.

5. Place a custom search box on your website and earn through google adsense for search.

6. Create Feeds for your website, add email subscription to feeds and earn through adsense for feeds.

7. Place ads at the bottom of feeds to grab the attention of subscribers.

8. Use adsense sandox for sample contextual and geo-targeted ads.

9. Place quality images,  sometimes you may get traffic from image search too.

10. Attract advertisers with good website layout and quality content.

google adsense tips

adsense ad units placement

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