Google Authorship: How to Get Your Picture in Search Results

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Search trends are changing day by day. Many new features are introduced by search engines. For example we can view ratings and posted date  in search results. One such new  feature introduced by Google is Google Authorship. Google authorship combines your Google+ profile with your website or blog content.

What is Google Authorship?

These days you might have observed picture in left side of search results as shown in below pic. The picture says that particular person is author of the post and author name with his/her circles. This is called Google authorship.

google authorship

Benefits of Google Authorship

1. Your picture in search results

Google authorship places your google+ profile picture in Google search results exactly left side of your post result. The picture should be clear with a recognizable headshot then only users can see your picture clearly.

2. Increased Page Rank

Google authorship tells the search engine that you are the author of the post. In turn it says the post is delivered by a verified author thus increased credibility. Posts with Google authorship visibility in search results is more than anonymous posts.

3. Increased User Engagement

CTR (click through rate) of posts with Google authorship is 50% more than anonymous posts. In the sense people click posts with Google authorship more than others. Thus driving more traffic to your blog or website.

How to Implement Google Authorship on Your Blog or Website?

Implementing Google Authorship on your blog or website is pretty easy. We can do it in 2 ways. Just follow below steps.

To appear authorship information in Google search results first you need to have a Google+ profile with good headshot profile picture. Then follow any of the below two methods

I. Authorship by Using a Verified email address

  1. Check that you have a email address with your domain name. For example if your domain is your mail id should be
  2. Make sure that each article or post you publish on that domain has a clear byline identifying you as the author (for example, “By Steven Levy” or “Author: Steven Levy”).
  3. Visit the Authorship page and submit your email address to Google. No matter how many articles or posts you publish on this domain, you only need to do this process once. Your email will appear in the Contributor to section of your Google+ profile. If you want to keep your email private, change the visibility of your link.
  4. To see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the structured data testing tool.

google authorship signup

II. Authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile

  1. Create a link to your Google+ profile from your webpage, like this:
    Replace [profile_url] with the your Google+ profile URL, like this:
    Your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter. If it’s missing, Google won’t be able to associate your content with your Google+ profile.
  2. Add a reciprocal link back from your profile to the site(s) you just updated.
    1. Edit the Contributor To section.
    2. In the dialog that appears, click Add custom link, and then enter the website URL.
    3. If you want, click the drop-down list to specify who can see the link.
    4. Click Save.
  3. To see what author data Google can extract from your page, use the structured data testing tool.

Google Authorship for Blogger Blog

Adding Google authorship to blogger blog is just a 2 steps process.

1. Go to your Google+ profile, click on Profile, click on About and the go to Contributor to Section as shown in below pic.
2. Click on Edit and add the blogger blog your authoring to that section. Save it.

google+ contributor
3. Now copy and paste the following link in every post in your blogger blog. To paste when you are in post editor click on HTML and then paste the following url anywhere as shown in below pic.

<a href=”google+url“? rel=author> +google plus name </a>

In the place of google+ url paste your google+ profile url and replace google plus name with your google+ profile name. For example my url looks like this

<a href=”“? rel=author> +Anil Anvesh </a>

google authorship for blogger blog

That’s it paste the url in every post like in above pic and publish the post. Now you have set up Google authorship on your blogger blog.

Google Authorship for WordPress

1. Go to your google+ profile, click on Profile, click on About and the go to Contributor to Section as shown in below pic.
2. Click on Edit and add the WordPress blog your authoring to that section. Save it.

google+ contributor
3. Now go to your WordPress Dashboard, left side you can see users, click on your profile.
4. In profile page under contact info you can find Google+ field paste your google+ profile url as shown in below pic and save it. That’s it you have setup Google authorship on your WordPress blog.

google authorship for wordpress

 After implementing Google authorship using any of the above methods to test how it works use Google Rich Snippets Tool and enter any of your post url.

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  1. Thanq so much for this post. It is very useful for every individual and can easily know the author of the posts now. It really helps to find the genuine posts of the required authors in search results with the help of their profiles.

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  3. I liked thi article a lot, but your google plus authorship photo is not appearing for this article. I am having a similar problem, do you know why this is happening?

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