Google+ Circles Badge for Blog or Website

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Google Plus is a social community website launched by Google which is good competitor to facebook. It’s been a year since google launched google+ website and now it has over 250 Million users. You can link your profile or google+ circles badge to your website or blog to drive more traffic. The advantages of google+ circles badge
1. See how many users already circled this page.
2. Circel the page with one click without visiting the page.

How to add google+ Circles Badge?

1. Go to google developers website and then click on Products under search box.
2. Under Technologies and Tools click on google+
3. From the list in left side of screen click on Plugins, under Plugins click on Badge.
4. Now select the page for which you want google+ circles badge and customize it.
5. Lastly copy the code,  paste it wherever you want on your website. For
6. Blogger blog go to your blogger dashboard. Click on layout and  add a HTML/Javascript gadget. Paste the code in content block and Save  it.
7. WordPress bloggers add a Text Widget, paste the code, save and close it.

Google+ Circles Badge

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