Google Penalty Recovery Guide – Stay Safe Online

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Google Penalty Recovery Guide – Get Safe from Google Algorithm Updates

Today, everyone is well aware of the immense importance of SEO and will resort to anything in order to make their content stand out. It is pretty easy to advertise your website and put up your SEO services out there and it is equally easy to disobey the terms and conditions of Google for SEO content. This exactly what many SEO providers are doing without even realizing.

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So the first question here for you is, do you trust your SEO provider? If your SEO provider isn’t abiding by the rules or using old methods, then that can get your site penalized and trust me it isn’t a good feeling at all. It is really bad for your business and can destroy your reputation within seconds. It will also drive away your potential customers if they see that your site has been penalized. Given below are some dumb SEO tactics from which you should stay away from.

1. Linking to the homepage

There is absolutely nothing wrong to provide links to your homepage, in fact, it is a great way to divert traffic to your homepage. But it can turn out to be a negative aspect for you if not done in the right manner. Even today many people believe that providing many links to the homepage will make Google rank their website high which is sadly a very big misconception among people. Google doesn’t rank websites, it ranks pages. So if your homepage is linked to the exact keyword it will result in a Google penalty.

For example, linking the term “insurance provider” to the homepage to an actual insurance provider will result in a penalty. The solution to this provides homepage links as naturally as possible which can be done by writing an article about a specific company and providing homepage links of that company only. For this, you need some quality content so that you rank high in Google search results.

The perfect way to do that is by hiring a writer to give you a quality content. This is can be achieved by using the resources of Contentmart as you can find many quality writers for the specific niche which you require. There are expert SEO writers on Contentmart for you to choose and get the exact type of content you need to help you grow your business.

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2. Linking from penalized websites

Now, this too is a very common mistake by SEO providers as they don’t get the website properly before linking it. Linking from a penalized website will destroy your reputation and put you in bad terms with Google in addition to getting your website penalized.

Although the penalty checkers will give you a fair warning of the penalized website it is only he webmasters who are actually aware of the penalized websites. The best solution here will be to acquire a complete list of websites from the webmasters and resort to self-check to ensure that your website isn’t linked to any penalized website.

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3. Buying links

Now buying links is a huge infringement of the policies set down by google. The links have to come naturally and not be purchased. Some of the SEO companies get your business and then put it on a freelance website in order to get a discount for the links. This way you have outsourced the content to a third party company which you didn’t hire. You should stay away from such companies as they are asking for trouble.

The best way here is to ensure that you are hiring trusted SEO companies which will work for your ad will use legitimate methods for creating links.

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4. Link farms and wheels

A link farm is a series of backlinks created for website SEO promotion. It deals with creation of backlinks from specific sites. They use a common platform such as WordPress or blogger and is of no importance as they just exploit search results.

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Are you building link wheels. It is a backlink scam now!

Link wheel is when advertiser links to a money article (your website) to others. They are then linked from other articles to the money article. Don’t just discredit the link just yet as there are many providers who can use link wheels without amalgamating to the link farms. This is an efficient method, if the backlinking is done naturally with a high-quality content. So when a SEO provider provides a backlink to you ask them if they own the property of the originating point of the link.

From all of this, we can safely conclude that penalizing of your website is a very serious issue and is not to taken lightly. You need to be very careful while choosing your SEO provider and also understand the techniques they are using. If they follow any of the dumb tactics mentioned above they can land you in some serious trouble. Hire Google penalty recovery services company now.


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