How Google Adsense Works?

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Do you own a content rich website and planning to monetize your website? Then Google AdSense is the best way to generate revenue from your website.

How Google AdSense works?


Google AdSense allows publishers(website owners) to place different ads on their websites and generate revenue either per click or per impression basis. Ads may be text or image or rich media adverts. Google AdSense is a contextual ad program. In order to get AdSense approval your website must abide AdSense program policies.

First you need to have an AdSense account. Log in with your Google account and provide details like your website url, your address, phone number. Then submit your application for review. Then if your application is partially verified then you’ll receive confirmation mail. Now go to AdSense account and get ad codes and place that code in your website.

Initially you’ll see blank ads. Then Google crawls your website and sees whether your site has monetizable content or not. Once full review has been done you will receive confirmation mail from Google. From now your ads will be live. You will be paid when any visitor clicks on the ad or if your ad has got some number of impressions.

When full verification completed you’ll receive a pin from Google with instructions to activate your Google AdSense account. In order to receive our earning you’ll set a threshold limit. You may receive payment as cheque or electronic transfer.

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