How to Add FeedBurner Email Subscription to Your Blog or Website

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Once you are done with creating RSS feeds of your website or blog. Add email subscription to your blog or website to deliver your feeds to readers. Because it is difficult for online users to remember every website url they have visited. Most of the readers prefer receiving updates to their mail box instead of visiting website frequently.

How to Add FeedBurner Email Subscription to Your Blog or Website

1. Go to Feed Burner and login with your google account
2. You’ll see feeds list created by you. Click on feed for which you want to create email subscription.
3. Click on publicize tab and then click on Email subscriptions.
4. Now you can see subscription form code and subscription link code
5. If you copy subscription form code then a form will be appear on your site or blog. User enters their email id to subscribe. If you copy subscription link code then a link will appear on your website/blog. When user clicks on the link a form will appear in a pop-up window where user enters their mail id to subscribe. Paste the code wherever you want on your website or blog.
6. Under Email subscriptions click on communication preferences and provide your mail id and other details.
7. Click on email branding to change your feed appearance
8. Click on delivery option to select your time-zone and schedule your feed delivery.

email subscription to your blog or website

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