How to Add Image Slider to WordPress Posts or Pages

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Sometimes when we visit a website for product or service review we see beautiful sliders playing product or service features. Usually sliders support images and videos. But these days post sliders also available. If you are planning to publish a lengthy article using post slider you can split the posts into multiple pages. In this post we will explain how to add an image slider to WordPress posts or pages.

How to Add Image Slider to WordPress Posts or Pages

There are many free slider plugins available in WordPress plugins repository. Similarly there are many premium plugins available on the web. We will list down the best free and premium plugins.  Also we will explain what plugin we are using and how to configure that plugin.

Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Meta Slider


Meta Slider is the best free WordPress slider plugin. It is easy setup, seo friendly and responsive. It has 4 different jQuery sliders. They are:
Nivo Slider: Responsive, 16 transition effects, four themes.
Coin Slider: Four transition effects.
Flex Slider 2: Responsive, two transition effects, carousel mode:
Responsive Slides: Responsive, fade effect only.

Soliloquy Lite


Soliloquy Lite is the best responsive plugin. According to experts it is well coded and well documented. Just drag and drop the images, give alt and title texts and finally publish it.

Len Slider


Len Slider is the only free WordPress slider plugin which also supports post slides, page slides and category slides. Using Len slider you can create visual sliders, carousels or slideshows.

Best Premium WordPress Slider Plugins


Soliloquy Pro comes with many features in addition to Soliloquy Lite features. It is the fastest WordPress slider plugin available in the market. It is very easy to setup and create sliders using Soliloquy. It also offers a Widget so that user can also add a Slider to the Sidebar.

Royal Slider


Royal Slider for WordPress is responsive image gallery and HTML content slider plugin with touch swipe navigation. Plugin is mobile-friendly and allows creating completely custom slideshows and css3 banner rotators with images, videos or HTML content in slides.

Slider Pro


Slider Pro is fully responsive and mobile-ready. It provides 150+ options, 100+ possible transition effects, from simple ‘fade’, ‘slide’ or ‘swipe’ effects to more complex ‘slice’ effects, 15+ skins and much more.

Slider Revolution


Slider Revolution features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

Add Image Slider to WordPress Posts or Pages using Meta Slider

At Tech Knol we use Meta Slider to add image slider to WordPress posts or pages. Just follow the below simple steps.

1. From your WordPress dashboard under Plugins click on Add New. Search for Meta Slider, install and activate the plugin. After activating you will see a Meta Slider tab in your WordPress dashboard as shown in below image.

Meta Slider Tab

2. Click on the Meta Slider tab, give your slider a name, click on Add Slide to add images to slider.

Meta Slider 1

3. For every image you uploaded to slider you will see 2 tabs Caption and SEO. Caption gets displayed below the image. Under SEO tab you need to enter Alt and Title texts which is very important part.

How to Add Image Slider to WordPress Posts or Pages

4. Now you have to customize the look and feel of your slider. Select slider type, height & width and effects. Configure advanced settings to your convenience.

How to Add Image Slider to WordPress Posts or Pages2

5. Finally get the shortcode for the slider at the bottom. Copy and paste it any WordPress or Page. Make sure you check Center Align and Smart Crop in advanced settings.

How to Add Image Slider to WordPress Posts or Pages3

If you publish more product or service review articles then it would be great if you add a slider to your WordPress post. If you can spend some money I would recommend to buy a premium WordPress slider plugin.

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