How to Add Tables to WordPress Posts or Pages

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Tables are the great way to compare one or more products or services or showing product details. When we visit any ecommerce site like flipkart for purchasing a smartphone we can compare up to 5 smartphones which displays a table categorically differentiating one smartphone with another. Blogspot bloggers have to manually code using HTML for creating tables. But in WordPress there are many free and premium plugins available for creating tables. We use TablePress a free WordPress plugin to add tables to WordPress posts or pages. For example you can check our posts Blogger vs WordPress and Bluehost vs HostGator vs Godaddy. Now we will explain how to use TablePress plugin to add tables to WordPress posts or pages.

How to Add Tables to WordPress Posts or Pages

1. From your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins click on Add New. Search for TablePress, install and activate it.

WordPress TablePress Plugin


2. Now you will see TablePress option in left side menu. Place cursor on that and click on Add New Table.

TablePress - add new table

3. Next you have to provide table information like title, description and number of rows and columns. Finally hit Add Table. For each new table it assigns id number to it.

TablePress - New Table


4. In next window you have to enter the content in Table content box. You can simply drag rows or columns to change their positions.

TablePress - Table Content


5. Using Table Manipulation you can insert images, link, HTML/JavaScript code in to your table cells. You can add a new row or new column or duplicate existing row or coulmn.

TablePress - Table Manipulation

6. Using  Table options you can highlight Table alternative rows, table heading and footer. In Data Table JavaScript library you can set table navigation features for users. Finally hit Save Changes.

TablePress - Table Options


7. You have done creating a new table. Now you have to add the table to WordPress posts or Pages. You can do it in 2 ways. While creating new table you can find a shortcode for the table in Table Information box.

TablePress - Table ID



Else when you are publishing a new post in the post editor you can see table icon when clicked it will show all the tables from TablePress. Just click on Insert Shortcode of your desired table.

TablePress - Insert Shortcode


That’s it you successfully added a table to your WordPress posts or pages. Below is a demo table which is created using TablePress plugin.

good productaverage product


Tables make visitors easy to understand a comparison or a product or service description. That’s why we recommend every WordPress blogger to use TablePress or any WordPress Table plugins for more user friendly articles.

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