How to be Safe Online?

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Staying safe online is very crucial these days. Sometimes you receive a call or mail from a marketing guy or a company. Have you ever wondered how come they know your number,  mail id and name?

tips to be safe online
Suppose you want to know an address then you will call to any customer service providers like just dial.  Then they save your number with your name in their database. In this manner they will maintain callers database and they sell this database to marketing companies.

Sometimes you fill forms in online for enquiry or for some other purpose there you enter your mail id. Companies sell this mail ids database to other companies. Thus you receive promotional emails from unknown mail ids. So do you think you are safe online?

How to be safe online?

1. Create unique and robust passwords for your online accounts. Your password should be a combination of alphabets, numerics and special characters.

2. Do not use same password for all your online accounts. Use different passwords for different online accounts. Try to change the passwords at least once in a month

3. Activate secure browsing in your browser settings.

4. Make use of open-id when creating user accounts for different sites.

5. If you are using gmail get an additional layer of security by using two step verification.

6. Connect your mobile number to your social accounts like facebook. You will get an instant message when your account is accessed by an unknown person. It will be helpful to reset the password when you forgot the password.

7. Keep your browser updated. Your browser update comes with bug fixes and some new enhancements. Which makes you even secure in online.

8. Clear your browser cache and cookies once in every week.

9. Use an updated anti virus & anti spam softwares.

10. While providing your personal details ensure that the receiver is exactly whom you intended to send.

11. Do not respond to spam mails saying you have won a prize money asking your personal details for claiming the prize.

12. If your kid is using web make use of site fishing software like k9 web protection tools.

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  1. Hi Anil,

    This is good info for all those newbies and amateur internet users out there. I’ve seen many people courageously using the internet without any trace of an antivirus in their system. This should be a good wake up call for all such users. Thanks for this post.

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