How to Connect Laptop Computer to TV

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It’s fun to watch your desktop’s activity like youtube videos, images on large screens. There are many ways to connect your laptop computer to TV.

VGA cable

1. VGA Cable – Almost every old PC has an VGA port which is a 15 pin. Using VGA cable you can connect your laptop or Desktop computer to a TV.

HDMI DVI cable

2. HDMI-DVI Cable – These days every Television, Laptop, Desktop & smartphones are coming with an HDMI port. Using HDMI to DVI cable you can connect Laptop, PC, Samrtphone to your TV DVI port.

3. Video-Audio Cables – Most PC’s have S-Video port using S-Video cable connect one end to Laptop and other end to Your TV. Then using Mini plug to RCA connector plug in the mini plug to your laptop headset port and connect red connector to red socket and black connector to black socket of your Television.
audio video cablesS video cable

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